Wednesday, October 1, 2014

off to early morning journaling at the ranch 

market  with the scantest of supplies.

first i did some non dominant hand  journaling.

then drawing, also with my non dominant hand.  

i like the lack of control that results.

added some tissue paper.

and thought it needed a little more.

by this time, i've been to take up some

coffee shop real estate.

but in my little neighborhood, there are maybe 4 of us

having coffee at the early morning hour.  

thought it needed a bit of orange.  i don't know whether  i am 

finished but it was a pleasant morning. 

and i am on my way.  

i am going simple these days.  not starting anything 

large or complicated.  it goes along with

lightening my load, clearing out closets,

papers, garage, drawers.

i'm liking the process.