Thursday, July 19, 2012


i have not been able to get this song out of my mind 
so i wanted to share it.

i received these pieces of art from my friend jenny messerle.
she does not have a blog nor is she on Facebook.  that's the way she
likes it but i thought her art is so compelling that i wanted you 
to see it.  i had a big smile on my face when i saw this 
wealth of creativity.  i apologize for the blue tinge in the 
background.  the drawings are done on white paper.

the summer daylight beckoned him.
summer meant the Freedom to be himself.

keep reaching
for your wishes
and dreams.

today is the day that he'll 
carve the 
path to his dreams.
yes he loved hiss
Life.  And he knew 
that he could love
it even more.

'i'm saying these things from the place of love,'
she said.  once those words hit his heart,
he softened and he let go of his
defensiveness.  then, he put his hand out
for her to hold.

another delight~~ zinnia in south pasadena.  have you been?
where do I start?  eye candy, creativity bursting in every corner,
inspiration seeping through the walls. 
i didn't take enough photos.  next time but here are a few.

i hope you are staying cool and are languishing in these
long summer days and nights.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Buried Treasure

Today I am reposting a favorite post from February 1st of this year and joining others in linking to  Seth Apter's Buried Treasures collaborative.  Seth's idea is that "There are so many brilliant artists out there but so little time to explore all their work fully.  This gives us all an opportunity to see highlights from posts we may have missed from so many of our favorite bloggers."  Visit Seth at The Altered Page to explore the work of  others.


journal page, photo, acrylic

The Pacific Ocean beckons, arms wide to embrace the totality of life,

a reminder that each day is unique, each moment a lifetime.

I still stop my car at the sight of a sunset as I did

a quarter of a century ago with

my son in his infant seat.   "Look

at the sky," I would say and point to another

flawless horizon as we sat to watch the last 

of the persimmon colored embers transform the sky, 

then drive the  three blocks home in the silence

reflected under clouds.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reach Out and Touch

with hand extended

do you assume another

will be there to touch?

acrylic paint, pen, ink, collage 

isn't that what we do with each and every blog post?  we reach out with words,
with images, our thoughts, our creations, our questions.  we reach out in the space we call the internet never knowing for certain that there will be anyone on the receiving end.  yet we continue to post, to put ourselves out there.  when i started this blog last year i did it because i was astounded at the presence of an online art community and how much inspiration i derived from others' blog.  i wanted to be a part of it in a small way.  it took a while, longer than i anticipated to feel my way around, to find a rhythm.  i'm not quite there whatever there might mean.  i such is the nature of blogging.  the blog changes as i change.  i add or subtract what works or does not work, fluctuating with my interests and what moves me at a particular point in time.  it's a beautiful and vital part of my creative expression.  i have found communities, pockets of people who gather to share in their specific interests.  for me these includes my art, poetry and photography.  it does not replace in person connections but it does augment and enrich my life in ways i could not have guessed.  i want to thank you who have read and commented on my posts.  it means more to me than you can know.  i am always surprised, delighted even when someone tells me they have read and enjoyed my blog but have not commented online but tell me they follow my blog.  yes,  i do extend a hand and welcome yours.

a little late to the party but it's said that it is better late than never . . . .

i was introduced to seth apter through several friends, john (who took a plunge into the blog world last week after retiring as a special ed teacher, a job he has been at since 1977~~ go to visit him.   you won't be sorry), orly, brian to name a few.  most of you probably already know of seth and are familiar with his generous blog and inspirational book, the pulse of mixed media.  i want to say hats off!  his book includes comments from over 100 artists.  with his background as a psychologist he is adept at digging into the psyche.  questions and answers  probe and enlighten you on the contemporary mixed media scene.   i have even used some of the questions as journal prompts for myself.   

today's post is linked to haiku my heart and paint party friday.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

From Humble Beginnings

Way back in a forgotten corner of my yard I spotted
an undeniable brilliance of color.  It drew me in and I 
had to walk over to inspect it.

I had almost forgotten about an epiphyllum I  
planted in a wire basket. 

Neglected it survived only on rain water. 

From the withered, dried, untended bloomed sprang a glorious beauty.  
Although it is a hybrid of cactus species which does not require much water,
I wondered whether more tending would result in more blossoms.  
This bust of color called out to the part of myself 
left untended in the corners of my being.  There is a life force within that lies dormant 
ready to blossom with beauty that cannot be underestimated.  We cannot give up 
or take for granted that this is all there is.  We don't have to try so hard.   We can just let it be, 
allow the inherent potential within to bloom and glow for all to see.


acrylic, testure, oil pastel

On the first of the month I join Kat Eye Studio for Photo-Heart Connection where we select a photo taken in the previous month and give words to the why the photo touched our heart.

Monday, July 2, 2012







Ray Bradbury

acrylic, distress inks, pen, collage on paper

The act of creating and creativity have rhythm. 

Our rhythm differs from the next person's.  

Like the waves at the shore, there is an ebb and flow.

It's natural.  What we do with that process can 

either cause us angst or can allow us to 

grow close to ourselves and teach

us more deeply who we are 

and how our own