Friday, June 15, 2018

hello, this week...

I continued doing daily drawings in a pocket sized

sketchbook.  this selection was done trying to capture

character while watching a jack reacher movie

had fun collaging  together two previous drawings done in a 

lynn whipple online workshop,  

painted with liquid pencil by derwent.  this was a gift that 

and was quite fun.  from what I understand,  it is a type of 

graphite in  a water soluble binder.  I used a brush and 

moved around the pigment.  It is kind of sticky.  the more

water added, the looser the brush strokes, 

decided to draw in an expressive style rather than 

the classic figurative drawing in a life drawing drop in,

drew and painted on papers  purchased from cyanotype

artist, krista mc curdy.

and I tried a few botanical cyano prints of my

own using wild flowers I picked on the road.

when I recap, it seems like I did a lot this week!  

and this doesn't include cooking for two days for 

a dinner party.  gosh, I'm tired after looking back.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

i love to start pieces of art.  often, though,

i do not complete them.  either i move on to the 

next  technique or medium or i am uncertain of

how to take it to the next step.  i am having fun 

revisiting some of these pieces with fresh eyes.

this was a monoprint.  originally it was only a red

image with little details.  i added acrylic paint and 

colored pencil.  

you always need a friend, acrylic

i am thrilled that my piece was selected in an 

annual international show, ca 101.   

i took pictures of my favorite pieces to share here

but am not showing them because the issue of

copyright came up while i was at the show.  i did not

ask permission of the artists so i would prefer to  possibly

infringe on their rights.  

on a celebratory note,  i am counting down to my son's 

wedding in september.   my friends gave the bride to be a west coast 

shower.  it was a day to remember.  friends and family 

stayed for five hours!  there is  much love and 

excitement in the air in the rafael household!

X O X O