Friday, April 15, 2016

mixed media journal spread, #artjournaleveryday

my friend lyn told me this story and it 

has stuck with me as sage advice. 

one dayas lynn  debated and deliberated 

about  what to do for the next step on the 

piece of art.  her teacher said,

just stick it down and be done with it.

we laughed.  but every time since if find

myself in a struggle, i remember this.

i know that there are no real mistakes 

in mixed media art.  there is always another layer

and very often it leads down an 

unintended and exciting path.

what has your experience been

when you are stumped?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

i have talked with several friends who

are not inspired and are not working.

what do you do when you lose your mojo?

here are a few from my go to list

go to a workshop

rip and paste

use new colors

read  a novel

take a nap

listen to music

go to a gallery

have lunch with friends

try a new medium

pet a puppy

invite an art friend over and do a project

take a walk

look at your inspiration list 

talk to art friends

hold a baby

look at your inspiration sites

take a break for a few days

declutter your house

touch your supplies 

take a deep breath


try not to worry

tell a loved one the way you feel about them

write a love letter

paint something ugly

let it go, it will return

have a lovely weekend.

i am attending a three day workshop with

several friends from out of the state and 

old journaling friends i have not seen in too long. 

we will be altering an old passport

adding meaningful ephemera.

i will be adding to my father's childhood passport 

from 1929.   already in the gathering

process feelings have stirred

around memory, childhood, family, loss and love.

i am looking forward to the time 

and will probably not have much time to respond 

on my blog until next week.


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thank you eva and kristen for hosting 

Friday, April 8, 2016

teabaggirl 82

i have been preparing for three shows.

part of the process has been sifting through

previous paintings.  i find it fascinating that there

are endless faces and expressions in paintings as

well as in real life.  i have forgotten about

many of them but like old friends they 

brought back fond memories of our time together.

i am sharing some oldies.

phonebook girl

phonebook girl

phonebook girl

we are expecting some much needed rain

this weekend.  hooray!  i will be found 

painting in my studio.  where will you be?

wishing you a lovely weekend. 

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

30 faces in 30 days challenge
april 2016

the prompts are a challenge in that they are imposed

or suggested by someone else.

some come more easily than others.

day 3, text

but eventually, after some 

day 4, wings

prodding and pulling

day 5, high

an image develops

day 6,  twins

and i can call if 'done' ...

for now!

Saturday, April 2, 2016


with annie hamman and

galia alena

i saw this challenge on instagram

and thought it would be fun to do in this month

day 1, drips and drops
mixed media

day 2, dream
mixed media

Friday, April 1, 2016


# 74

# 73

# 75

a few tea bags

# 9

i am preparing for a solo show.

the hosts requested framed teabags.

here is an example.  i have found different 

styles of tiny frames to use. 

they feel so dressed up!

working on monoprints for a print show in may.

happy friday!

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