Monday, February 29, 2016

a friend was intimidated and asked if there was an easy way 

to start painting on a tea bag.   here's what i suggested.

trace an image you like on white tissue paper.  i used

a mechanical pencil.

cut out the outline and glue it to the tea bag 

using matt medium.  this works on a larger 

canvas or journal page as well. 

 fill in as you would a coloring book.  here i used

paynes gray watercolor.  you can

embellish as much or little as you want.

i picked up an unused leather 

wedding album at a swap.

with square pages with gold detailing.

a perfect home or little painted tea bags, don't you think?

i am posting very late with the paint party friday party
thanks, guys for letting me come along this week.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

start to finish...

i tried a celestial seasonings holiday tea.

it has a nice bright pink stain.  i rinsed

one bag and the pink disappeared!   this

bag has a hint of a face shape... or is it me?

i drew a sketch with a mechanical pencil.

then went over it with a micron pen.

i used bits of paper i made from rice paper,

stamps and acrylic.

did a bit of stenciling.

and voila.  

Sunday, February 14, 2016

i am still smitten with the little tea bag paintings.  in fact,

in a few weeks i am meeting with a group of artists

who want to try them.   i have learned a few things 

about them from my daily paintings.

using watercolor without gesso gives 
a soft, old world look.  the watercolor absorbs into
the bag and once dried, the vibrancy softens.

a daily painting commitment does not allow 
one to hem and haw.  you just need to do it.

a  small palate knife and acrylic is very effective.

sometimes you can get a ghost image when painting
over another paper, especially when the paint or
watercolor is very wet.  i am going to work with it to
bring out the face.

i spent many hours yesterday looking for 
round tea bags, to no avail.  hopefully i will be 
more successful in the future.

i spent a few sunny days  in san ysidro,
along the central coast of california.  what 
a lovely little town filled with charming shops
and wineries.


happy valentine's day to all.

thank you for visiting today.  
your comments are 
welcome and appreciated.  

posting with friends at paint party friday.

Friday, February 5, 2016

i am in love with painting on teabags daily!

this is a collage of some painted in january

i primarily used watercolor and posted them

each day on instagram.  now there are a 

few art friends who are interested in starting to paint

these lovelies.  each teabag brand has a different in texture

and reacts in its own way to the medium.  for the most part,

i have  stayed away from acrylic until today.   it's all

an experiment and i will keep you posted

i am pleased and honored to announce 

that i am published in the current issue of 

cloth paper scissors.  

this is a way that i start a project when you are 

stuck or just want to dive in without making a big 

deal about starting.  also it is a fun

to do in a group.

posting the lovely artists at paint party friday.  thank you
to our hostesses kristen and eva