Saturday, June 28, 2014

working on a number of different pieces at the same time

helps to stave off getting stuck that being so invested in one 

piece can bring.  yesterday i worked on various stages of 

seven paintings.  i set them up around my kitchen so that i could

see all of them while i worked on one, like a mom with seven kids 

in the same play yard.  have to keep an eye on them.  

 this one is painted on a piece of 1/2 inch wood that i found.  

she was all finished when i realized that the wood 

on her neck had natural gouges.  not flattering.  it was painted 

but in the light it really was apparent.   my handiman suggested i use wood putty 

to fill it in.   so i did with three coats and sanding between.  now she's ready to repaint.

hopefully i can match the color.  i will probably gesso the putty first,

maybe even tint the gesso?  i have never done that but am thinking

that the white might be too strong of an under color.  

how do you work?  what do you find satisfying, stressful?

one at a a time?  multiples, series?

sunset at sundance

i love that you visited today and

wish you a lovely weekend


Friday, June 27, 2014

i love fridays.   kristin and eva have set up a weekly

online party they call paint party friday.  i get to visit 

friends, see what they have been creating and if i am lucky,

they visit me as well.  

this week i have been working on a series.  i first applied

black gesso to boards.

then sketched faces on each.

i am going to paint and do pen work.

for now, i am letting them sit

and enjoy this friday.  

anyone who has never made a mistake

has never tried anything new

albert einstein

i am also sneaking in this post to woyww

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

 task of the day

a three step process

go to studio

move the monkey mind to another locale


Saturday, June 21, 2014

I have moved from cozy corner in Sundance, still in Utah but now in Park City. I set up an art space on a tiny desk top. This morning after reading many inspirational blogs, here is what faced me, my trusty journals, waiting. And these words from this book.

What next?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Is posting a sketchy, unpolished piece like going outside without your make up on? 

 Maybe, but is there anything 'wrong' with either? 

 While here in cozy corner Utah this week I've done some loose gestural drawings 

using Inktense color blocks, not focusing on a finished piece right now,

 enjoying the spontaneous mark making and attempting only slightly at making it recognizable...

and did I enjoy it. One is my memory of Stewart Falls, the other of a rolling stream 

where i sat looking at the bridge, water running merrily over rocks 

and all the different colors of green wishing i had my sketchbook. 

I'm thinking that creating in different ways with different mediums 

can only feed my painting. What do you think?

Along those veins I made a silver bracelet in two hours. 

I selected a stone and wire for the cuff, 

designed an organic shape for a platform, 

cut a bezel, 

soldered them together, 

set the stone,  textured the platform. 

And voila. I made jewelry  many years ago 

so the process was not totally new to me 

but it was fun to revisit.

Happy Paint Party Friday to all participating 

and a lovely weekend to you. XO

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nature is all over the place here in Utah. From rain to snow to sun shining 

to colorful wild flowers and magnificent sunsets. 

After a nice long hike up to Stewart Falls 

I remembered early camping vacations with my family. 

I am not sure whether the journaling is legible. 

"Every summer my family took a camping/fishing trip. 

We packed our car and drive and drive. My dad planned the vacation 

based on where he wanted to fish. 

"my brother and i played gin rummy in the back seat

we bet our allowances.  sometimes

i cheated.  my little brother never suspected.

big sisters can be mean."

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Just like at home, I have created a corner in the cozy cottage at Sundance Utah. 

 I cut out more house shapes before i left and am collaging them. 

A wonderful and whimsical artist, Brandy Emerson gave me the book,

Steal Like An Artist.

 I had seen it before but never read this powerful 

and motivating book. I am crossing my fingers that this will post from my ipad.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

i presented this project for the second part of my experimental

art group presentation.  i called mine

house of memories

a template was used to cut the houses for each 'room.'


i added bits and pieces that I found in my collage drawer.

there is a bit of screen i used in making paper, a clock

piece i got as a trade at art fest and some paper treasures.

this is the house my grandparents lived in when they

moved to los angeles in 1917.  i love the car parked i

n front but i don't think it was theirs.  i cut the house shapes

from 140# watercolor paper that i had painted and had not 

finished.   i will show you the back of the house after it is completed.

here is a pic of the clan~~ my great grandfather and great grandmother.  

hmm... they don't look very  happy.  no one is smiling.  this week 

my dishwasher,  dryer, refrigerator and printer broke.  i had to do many

chores by hand.   i wouldn't have made a very good pioneer

woman and can see why the women at least are not smiling.

posting on saturday this week with paint party friday.