Friday, August 25, 2017

hello!  welcome to my week.  
i post here on my blog on friday and 
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i post my art there daily.  
thank you for visiting!

there is an upcoming art show for local artissts.

seeing the flyer inspired me to start painting teabags again.

i was going to enter my painted teabags last year but was 

bogged down with work and could not.  i am happy to get the opportunity

again to submit my art.  i like that this is community based

and is connected with the library.  as a child i loved to read

and my love continues to this day.  now i both listed to books 

on tape and read books.  i am sad that  many of the  children today

have so many other distractions that they have  have not discovered reading.  

this week i joined kelly kilmer's journaling workshop.

these are some of the pages i created.  kelly first taught me

to make my own journals, alter books and collage using paint. 

her workshops are lively and lots of fun.  i often meet up with

other artists i have not seen in a while.  

i also finished the background on this expressive portrait that was started

in a private lesson with jenny doh at studio crescendoh.

i didn't think i did much this week, art wise but now that 

i documented  my activities, i see there is a lot!  no wonder

i am feeling tired today!  i admire my friends john arbuckle and 

jacki long who posts daily.  their links are on the side bar.  but i

know myself.  i would not be able to maintain the pace.  for a long

time i subtly berated myself about it but now i embrace our differences,

without putting myself down.  it's much easier that way!

have a lovely week!

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Friday, August 18, 2017

hello friends!

i used beer container cardboard as background 

for cut and paste postcards this week.

the other side

my friend's daughter, talia,  has created

t shirts to help fund inner city arts in downtown la.

the t shirts can be found on instagram 

@theeightnineshop or  #the89shop.

there are other styles.  you'll see me in a black one!

thank you for visiting today!

i hope the wherever you are in the world, 

some form of beauty or art touches your heart today.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

more faces this week.  this first one is done with stability pencils,

black and blue, white gesso and a red china marker 

on watercolor paper.  i like the simplicity and 

challenge of using  just a few products.

these next faces are done on 

3 x 5 white index cards

with a micron pen

and spray inks.

they are easy

and fun warm ups.  i do like

to warm up before diving into a 

a larger project.  what about you?

in the past, the warm up and project

were done on the same substrate.  now if find 

it fun to do them separately... just a little different.

have a lovely week.  i post weekly on fridays 

when i  join eva and kristen and the paint party friday gang.

Friday, August 4, 2017

i flew into smoky and moist seattle

to join john arbuckle and brian kasstle

(both are talented artists listed on my sidebar)

for a three day journaling workshop

on whidbey island.  smoky because of the canadian 

fires, and moist because, compared to the drought 

in los angeles, there appears to be lots of water, though

i am told they, too, are in a drought situation.

the predicted weather couldn't have been more perfect.

notice the word predicted.  it turned out to be warmer

and more humid than expected but this did not dampen

spirits or creativity. 

the project was ambitious.  we were to make a stack journal.  this is 

made up of 6 pieces of cereal box cardboard transformed 

into pieces of collage and painted art.  that's not all.  we 

painted watercolor paper on both sides for a cover to hold  these pages 


made african style bizi sticks to hold it closed. 

in 3 days!

does it sound like a lot?  it was!! 

9-4 every day.  a number of us crazies

returned after dinner for more work on our own.

here are a few of my pages.  wish i had more 

process pictures but as you can see from the 

above schedule,  there weren't' enough time!!

 when i finally did get back to my room, i had to finish

the art forger.   i finished it on the plane ride 

home.  it's based loosely on the biggest art 

heist in history.  500 million dollars of art was stolen 

from the isabella steward gardner museum in boston.  here's 

a short description of the robbery.

in 1990.  In the early hours of March 18, 1990, guards at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Bostonadmitted two men posing as police officers responding to a disturbance call. Once inside, the men tied up the guards and, over the next hour, stole thirteen works of art valued at $500 million – the largest-value theft of private property in history.

and a current update.

thank you for visiting!

please excuse the inconsistent fonts in this post. 
i blame it on the creativity of blogger this week.

i hope you had a lovely week.  today's post is
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