Friday, August 11, 2017

more faces this week.  this first one is done with stability pencils,

black and blue, white gesso and a red china marker 

on watercolor paper.  i like the simplicity and 

challenge of using  just a few products.

these next faces are done on 

3 x 5 white index cards

with a micron pen

and spray inks.

they are easy

and fun warm ups.  i do like

to warm up before diving into a 

a larger project.  what about you?

in the past, the warm up and project

were done on the same substrate.  now if find 

it fun to do them separately... just a little different.

have a lovely week.  i post weekly on fridays 

when i  join eva and kristen and the paint party friday gang.


  1. Your faces get better and better, wow, really fabulous! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. These are lovely portraits ~ the first one has a very deep expressive face ~ all are well done ~ ^_^

  3. I clicked on your site and seriously thought the first one was a self portrait. She looks just like you. LOL I am always so impressed that you work tiny. Have a great weekend.

  4. I agree with Nicole. I also thought it was a self portrait. I love your portraits, Irene.

  5. Luv the first one in black and white. My favourite this week. Happy PPF. Thanks for dropping by my blog today.

    Much love...

  6. a lovely elegance in the fine lines.
    Beautiful, Irene. ♥

  7. Hi Irene Thanks for stopping by for PPF. I have started getting into watercolours and have done something similar to your faces here.

  8. I am sitting here thinking how strong you are. You decided that portraits were going to challenge you and you have risen to the challenge by continuing to work on your skill. It shows how strong of an artist you are. :-)

  9. I love all of your faces, but particularly the first one with the tiny pop of red. I couldn't stop looking at it! Happy PPF (I'm catching up a bit late).

  10. this is amazingly well done, the scribble pen is so expressive and works perfectly to make the face unique. I absolutely love these. Visiting from PPF. (I sure wish I could do what you do with faces!)

  11. Lovely faces! I like to work on tiny ones favs are 1st and 2nd. :)

  12. love your background spots, they bring life to your sketches