Tuesday, December 29, 2015

collage in altered book

she felt familiar, like we've met 

or I painted her before. 

i was going to alter her 

then realized 

she needed to stay 

as is. 

the new year is approaching.

as is the tradition of the japanese,

i am cleaning and clearing.  since reading

the life changing art of tidying, i have ask myself

whether an object sparks joy, 

a powerful question than can

have reverberations throughout one's life.

if it does not, i let it go, grateful for the place

it had in my life.

Friday, December 18, 2015

it started as an act challenge to

use cardboard in any way.

i also added a personal challenge of 

using a minimal amount of supplies 

that i already have and to make it 

with a simple design.   i like the results.

little trees.  perfect for the holidays!

something on my mind....

i recently read several long time bloggers

discussing the state of blogging today.  with all

of the recent and easy social media like instagram,

twitter, etc.  and the decrease in the number of responses on blogs,

 the question posed was whether blogging and even Facebook

are on their way out?  i certainly have wondered myself.  after

discovering and falling in love with instagram, i all but abandoned

this blog and Facebook.  it was unintentional but i fell down the rabbit hole of

visual stimulation, easy posting and simple clicking to heart a post.

i met new folks who shared similar interests and even ran into some

in person at workshops.  but, it was pointed out that on these new sites

you do not get the deeper relationships available with longer responses

and answers.  nor can you as a blogger write more fully on a subject.

in this wide wide world there is something for everyone.

some people who read my blog never visit and comment on Facebook or

instagram and visa versa.  all social media takes time and effort.  weighing

what is important with how much time and value one gets from the investment

is a personal decision.  after reading the discussion on the state of blogging

today i recommitted to this blog and am so glad that i have!

i would love to hear your response.  

sending best wishes to you during the season

of giving and gratefulness.  thank you for visiting today.

hello to weekly  paint party friday

friends and to kristen and eva, our hostesses

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

practicing faces whenever i can

i go through my hours,

my belongings, my things

evaluate and reevaluate

what i love

what i need

what brings me joy

touching my memories

tetting them go 

with love and fondness

a part of myself

hidden in corners

brought out to the light of day

ever grateful for 

the fullness of this life

october 2014

Saturday, December 12, 2015

i am continuing to play with the shaving cream 

technique i described yesterday.  i wanted to try 

my hand at my dear friend and her ailing violet.

i think it will look good in a square gold frame.

what do you think?

i am posting today for the first time with
show your face hosted by kim fellow.

ps  i am loving this technique.

thanks for stopping by and 

have a lovely weekend!

Friday, December 11, 2015

somerset studio magazine had a technique  by lisa bebi that 

i wanted to try.  it marries photography and painting

using shaving cream of all mediums.  

 he acrylic paint is mixed into shaving cream and 

applied with a palate knife like cake frosting and brush. 

once you add the 

acrylic the shaving cream tuns to  yummy pastel colors.

the first layer is a azure gold.  after it dries more colors are added.

i experimented with drying the first layer with a craft dryer,

scraping half dried medium off, rubbing it in with my fingers,

starting with a thin first layer, more saturated paint mix.  

i am not comfortable with it but don't expect to be

after only one sitting.  i have been thinking of 

my sweet and beautiful mother so tried the 

technique on a painting of her.  i am happy with this.

there are more photos with layer one air drying naturally.

i will work with on another day and report back.

from an anthropologie catalog

i am happy.

X  O  X  O  X

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Friday, December 4, 2015

i am normally a grab it as i go kind of artist.

i don't plant ahead.  i have all of possibilities 

in front of me and choose after the current color is 

down on the canvas.  i like the openhandedness of this

approach.   the other day i actually planned ahead.  i pre decided

on my color palate, set up all the paints that i thought i might use

along with the brushes.  it was, to my surprise quite enjoyable

to think about the painting and anticipate the colors together.

now i have two approaches.  have you noticed a particular way

that you approach your art?  are you intuitive, spontaneous, planned,

organized, methodical, quick, thoughtful?

i found this mixed media piece while putting my studio back

together after a plumbing leak.  it is collage and painted

in a wonderful  found book from the library sale.  the pages are

nice and  thick.

this week i am excited to announce that i have this sketch

before a trip i always sketch the clothes i take.

i am a visual person and this makes it easier for me to

eliminate the excess and take a minimum in my carry on bag.

one of the editor of cloth paper scissors happen to spy

a tiny sketch on my blog and contacted  me for their book.

i am over the moon about it!

it's friday and i am posting along with other creatives 
at paint party friday.  if you get a moment during 
this busy time of year, grab a cup of tea and 
see what others have created this week.
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