Friday, May 30, 2014

pretty girls...

a friend told me that i don't go in for painting

pretty girls.  the comment gave me pause.

at first i didn't know how to take it.  

when i looked over this last collection

of post cards, i realized that she might have a point.

i paint faces that express a variety of emotions.  

it doesn't depend on my mood

but what comes through me at that particular moment.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, 
but rarely admit the changes it has gone through 
to achieve that beauty.” 
― Maya Angelou

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

while i waited for a new printer from amazon

the local copy shop was a temporary work table.

i used copies of faces i have drawn to  collage on to

backgrounds to make  a series of postcards.  

here is one of them.

i have been working on this canvas for a while.  i thought it was done then

realized  there is more.  i am slowly pulling the color and images out.  listening 

for the next step.  trying not to let my impatience get the best of me.   


today i caught myself in that familiar loop.... i will do art in my studio

after i get a little exercise, after i buy groceries, after i post on 

my blog and so it goes.   the loop stops here.  i am leaving 

to spend the day in my studio.  

thank you for visiting. i love reading your comments. my son  

was here this past week and i drop everything when that happens.

 so i am behind on blog visits.  my apologies,  for being late 

to respond but i will be there soon.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. 

I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.” 


i been having fun putting together random textured backgrounds 

with  some of my images for mail swaps. 

i couldn't help but post another sunset photo looking down the coast.

waving hello to paint party friday friends.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014


i am working on a large (for me) abstract,  36" x 48".

it doesn't fit on my desk or easel but it's propped up against the wall

on my actual desk... that's another story.

my printer broke this week so i've been to the print shop 

countless times.  while i was there

i made copies of a few journal pages to use for future collages.

that's it on a wednesday here in sunny southern california.

posting today with WOYWW.  thank you for your warm welcome last week 
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Saturday, May 17, 2014

in my experimental group each person has an turn to present 

a project to the group.  this month  i led the group  through a round of ten prompts.  

the idea came after a six of my  journaling friends from various parts of the country 

met at my house to journal.   we decided that each of us would give a prompt, one at a time 

and we would all follow along in our journals.  it was so much fun that the 

group decided to continue over the internet after everyone returned home.

my piece using the ten prompts

in the end, in my experimental group, we all had the same prompts but 

each one of us created in our unique style.   you will see from scrolling down.  we all have our own

creative 'voice' no matter the sources of influences.  i found it  the  same true when i was writing.

here are a few of the works in process.

we will continue to work on these pieces next month.

i will show you the results in june.  

i also want to spotlight the plain air art by my husband, bob.

he loves the outdoors and  nature.  you can sense it in his paintings. 

each of his pieces speak to you from a familiar yet distant yearning within.  

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

let me show you what is on my desk today.

there are treasures hiding in corners

wrapped within the tissue paper is terry garrett's journal for a round robin.

mail art from jacki long

and from john arbuckle

collage from katie kendrik and a metal stencil

envelope with pizzaz from jacki long

and copies of my journal pages for collage.

i will need to clear some space so i can get to work.

i know that doesn't happen to you :)

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Monday, May 12, 2014

while journaling with a friend recently we discussed whether

or not to leave our journal pages as is or to work on them until we love them.

i decided that, for now, i'd like to work on mine.    

this is how the spread began.  while i didn't want the image to be so 

predominant that it was in your face, i did want it to stand out a bit.

also i wanted more color.  

where do you go when you go?  journal spread

i am glad i continued to work on it.  there is some shimmery paint 

that you can see when the light is just right.  this process of continuing 

to a satisfying completion overlaps into my life in general.  i love starting 

new projects.  there is always  something beckoning my attention but 

finishing.... well, that feel like 'work.'  i realize that i could relook, redefine or reframe 

the way i define this process with a more satisfying result.    

do you finish your projects before moving on?

Friday, May 9, 2014

today i would like spotlight the artist jacki long

a versatile, prolific and intuitively creative southern california artist i was 

fortunate enough to have met a number of years ago.  she taught me how to make 

a collaged face using paper as your paint.   she has posted to her blog daily 

since she started blogging, that is 652 days ago,  with a piece of art,

her photographs and a little something to bring a smile to your face.  on top of being a well of 

endless inspiration and a delightful, kind person.  

here's jacki

What influences sparked your early interest in art and creativity?

I think I have always been interested in art. I remember adults making a fuss over a drawing I did at age 4, of a kitten walking on the keys of a piano. They framed it and called it "kitten on the keys" and I didn't get it? I did hokey posters in high school, noting creative but it was fun. When I went away to college I somehow gravitated to the Art Department, later having a double major in art & PE.

Did you pursue formal art training? 

I did, my two Aunts flew out from Indiana after I graduated from high school, scooped me up and enrolled me in college in Indiana, paying for sorority and everything. I owe them everything. I earned BS in PE, BA in Art, MFA in Art with a specialty on design. Later continued on to 91 units beyond my masters.

Who where you mentors and how did they serve to support your creative path? 

Sister Corita (Corita Kent) was doing marvelous things in LA when I was in college in Indiana, and I inhaled all I could from the library. I was a huge fan, still am.  Dr. Alice Nichols, a contemporary of Georgia O'Keefe was the Art Department head and was a great influence in her demanding the best from me. More than I knew I had to give. Robert Sexton, Professor UCI, where I got a degree in graphic arts and visual communication. When going through a divorce after a 32 year marriage, I went back to school at UCI to learn the computer. He liked how I had been trained in design and encouraged me to pursue it. Janice Lowry, a fabulous artist and friend, opened me up journalling and to be free to do whatever I wanted. A great gift.

How would you describe your approach to art? 

I think I am kind of brave. I go for it and if it doesn't work, I do another.
Also I really like to play. Like one of my students said, "it's not rocket surgery."

It has been said that you have a distinctive and recognizable style- that one can tell that a piece is by Jacki Long.  Would you agree?    How do you feel about this? 

I hear that so much that I guess it must be true? I hope it's because of strong design, which luckily was beat into me in college. And I hope it's not because it's all the same. By nature, I dislike repetition, so I make a conscious effort to try new directions and methods, while keeping a design that pleases me. I love to get feedback, but seldom get it. I've been told that I seem confident, like I don't need it? If that's the impression I give, then I am a great actress! ;o)

Do you have a favorite medium, subject, style, artist? 

While I do appreciate watercolor, and I did it when required in college,
it is way too difficult for me. No room for error. That's probably why I love collage, and even digital work on the computer. You can fix it when it doesn't work. I had a stoneware/porcelain ceramic business when my daughter was small as a way to spend time with her, instead of teaching and I loved it when I did it. But it became successful and I had to chose. I enjoy abstract in design, but appreciate it all. I think I really butchered this answer?

Of all the various types of art that you use, what do you feel represents the heart of YOU?  Can you explain?

I think most would probably say my journals? I journaled long before meeting Janice, but they were just writing, straight lines and probably blah, blah, blah? Janice made me realize that they can be whatever I want them to be. My 70+ journals are not the pretty type, but they are me at the time I did them, warts and all. I thank Janice for that. When I teach journal classes the students seem to love pouring through the journals and I see them pet, or smooth the pages and it really touches me.   I would also argue that my collage squares are me. I can't describe the pleasure I get from making these small collages. I have recently started to do mail art, so I am using the same techniques but am able to send them off. I like that.

Are there areas of art that you would like to explore?

I still take classes once in a while (Pamela Smith Hudson for encaustics, Orly & Seth) and really benefit from seeing other views and collaboration. Printmaking has always intrigued me, but I'm not sure I am willing to give up the time required. I really enjoy and appreciate a lot of art areas that I don't have the time to pursue.

How does teaching fit into your creative life?  

I have always let the teaching come to me. If they ask, I will teach. This is probably insecurity on my part. I am the same way about the phone. I never call anyone, but if they call I will talk forever. I guess my reasoning is I want to know that they want it. Quirky?  I have 45 years teaching experience, coming from a family of teachers. One thing I am proud of, is that my student do their own work and it looks like them, not me. I feel my strength is in encouraging and providing the way to do what they want. I get great joy from seeing their creations.

Which artists do you admire?  What style of art gets your heart beating?

 Sister Corita. A lot of the masters for different reasons. Advertising art and David Carson. David Choe. Brain-dead, can't think?

Is there a particular manner in which you approach your art? 

It varies. Sometimes I work all day. Often I work late afternoon till very late. I find I like an open span of time, as opposed to short spurts. I can't tell when I am in a groove, until I am there. I was taught to not wait for inspiration, but to make it happen. Sometimes that works. If something is bothering me, making art soothes me. I call it cheap therapy. ;o)

There is so many different supplies available today.a  Do you have favorite mediums, techniques, supplies?

I am admitted paper junkie, and junk mail thrills me no end. Another weak spot is markers! I love them! I am always looking for the perfect one. (And, I think I have it ...Pentel hybrid Technica .06 I bought a dozen, and the Pilot Bravo for bold writing.)

Are there teachers you are interested in learning from? 

I like Jane Davies a lot! I have only seen her videos.  I am on a budget but I like the idea of 
splurging on a trip to Whidbey   Island, or somewhere and creating. 
Katie Kendrick seems appealing.
There are surely more that I don't know. I'm not really in the loop.

i hope you enjoyed this introduction to jacki long today.

enjoy a lovely weekend.



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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

more often than not, i have a cup of coffee at 

the local ranch market with nuna and nursus, the armenian 

couple who have run the market for many years.  before them the

moore family owned the store.  ranch market was a family run grocery store then.

it is situated in a a little corner of  malaga cove where a replica fountain 

from bologna sits in the middle of the parking lot surrounded by a two story, 

L-shapaed old brick building with a series of arches.  i sat at my usual seat

wondering what i could draw.   i drew what was in front of me.  

and here, in contrast,  is a little collage.



Friday, May 2, 2014

i took advantage of the  unseasonably warm weather this 

week and met a friend early in the morning  at the manhattan beach pier

for a sketching session.  we sat on this bench.

this was our view.  the hill in the background is palos verdes 

where i live.

my watercolor of the morning.   i am used to the brilliant

colors that acrylics offer and and finding my way with watercolors.

afterwards we walked to the end of the pier and watched the surfers.

they surf adjacent to the pier.  you can hear them talk to each other

while waiting for a wave.

the water was so clear that you could see the bottom.

as i left a woman was just starting her day.

a few posts back i showed van gogh's 

mulberry tree that i was to copy for my art class.

here are a few pictures of the process so far.

this is where i am as of now.   i am reading letters that van gogh 

wrote to his brother theo.  it was a particularly torturous time

in his life.  his brush strokes reflect his state, very wild.   it is a 

challenge to reproduce it but i have learned that patience and layers

of paint help.  

and lastly, for this week, i want to share a journal spread.

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