Monday, May 12, 2014

while journaling with a friend recently we discussed whether

or not to leave our journal pages as is or to work on them until we love them.

i decided that, for now, i'd like to work on mine.    

this is how the spread began.  while i didn't want the image to be so 

predominant that it was in your face, i did want it to stand out a bit.

also i wanted more color.  

where do you go when you go?  journal spread

i am glad i continued to work on it.  there is some shimmery paint 

that you can see when the light is just right.  this process of continuing 

to a satisfying completion overlaps into my life in general.  i love starting 

new projects.  there is always  something beckoning my attention but 

finishing.... well, that feel like 'work.'  i realize that i could relook, redefine or reframe 

the way i define this process with a more satisfying result.    

do you finish your projects before moving on?


  1. I like the second version - the 'face' on the right shows up and the whole looks more balanced to me. As for my own efforts - I lose heart very easily! Or think I must do something - and do, but things look worse afterwards. Hard to assess it in-between in a positive right-brain way.

  2. Irene, I also love starting new projects! However, I quickly am drawn to something else (another new idea) ... and lose interest. Hence, a lot of unfinished projects stuffed in drawers, bags, on the design board, and laying around. Apparently the draw for me is the "idea" ... not the finished product. In terms of art journal pages, I'll sometime return to add "just a little line" or something. I love how the color enhanced your original page.

  3. You are so right Irene. The hardest part about creating seems to be knowing when to leave and when not to. Your pagelooks much better with the shimmery paint.!