Wednesday, May 21, 2014


i am working on a large (for me) abstract,  36" x 48".

it doesn't fit on my desk or easel but it's propped up against the wall

on my actual desk... that's another story.

my printer broke this week so i've been to the print shop 

countless times.  while i was there

i made copies of a few journal pages to use for future collages.

that's it on a wednesday here in sunny southern california.

posting today with WOYWW.  thank you for your warm welcome last week 
on my first posting with the group.



  1. Thanks for sharing your desk with us. I love the prints of your work.

  2. Hiya! Look at all the fabulous prints on your desk!!! So glad to see you post again this week!!! Happy WOYWW! #66angie

  3. Well, I found out what WOYWW stands for, what an interesting premise!

  4. Lovely to see what you are up to this week Irene. I am interested to see you copy your journal pages to use in collages. It is not something I have tried and it does sound like it would have some great possibilities.

  5. There's a such a feeling of peace in your abstract with its soft shapes and color scheme. I think the beautiful California seashores are a big part of your inspiration. Blessings!

  6. WOYWW?
    You are so consistently amazing Irene!
    I really look forward to each post! ♥

  7. What a humungously big canvas - do show, when it's finished! It's such a pain when technology breaks down, eh? Hope you get the printer sorted soon. That last photo looks amazing. have a great week, Chris # 17 xx

  8. Ahhhh. A desk after my own heart...busily cluttered!
    That beach shot looks fabulous.
    Thanks for your visit.
    Hettie 67

  9. Beautiful work! Love all the pieces you have laid out! Oh and the beach pic is awesome!
    Thanks for the visit and the kind comment!

  10. 36 x 48?? That's HUGE!! But have fun with it all. Great shot of the sun, sand and sea!!
    Thanks for visiting.
    Margaret #42

  11. Great art work. Thanks for visiting me, have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 41

  12. desk...we use the term loosely! and your desk makes me feel right at home. this is my first time visiting so I am off to snoop around!
    Thanks for visiting,
    Robyn 30

  13. hi irene
    good to see you came back for a se o d helping :-)
    thats an ambitious canvas i wouldnt know where to start on such a big piece.
    ... i will have tp pop acm to see howw it goes i will join you when i get home( in the gym now)
    thanks for your visit
    janet #24

  14. What a great idea to make copies of your journal pages to use on new ones! I like your desk! Do you make ATCs? Next week is WOYWW's anniversary and we will be exchanging ATCs. See you then! patsy

  15. I love seeing your desk as cluttered as mine. It is the sign of a creative soul. Can't wait to see your abstract once it is done.