Friday, May 2, 2014

i took advantage of the  unseasonably warm weather this 

week and met a friend early in the morning  at the manhattan beach pier

for a sketching session.  we sat on this bench.

this was our view.  the hill in the background is palos verdes 

where i live.

my watercolor of the morning.   i am used to the brilliant

colors that acrylics offer and and finding my way with watercolors.

afterwards we walked to the end of the pier and watched the surfers.

they surf adjacent to the pier.  you can hear them talk to each other

while waiting for a wave.

the water was so clear that you could see the bottom.

as i left a woman was just starting her day.

a few posts back i showed van gogh's 

mulberry tree that i was to copy for my art class.

here are a few pictures of the process so far.

this is where i am as of now.   i am reading letters that van gogh 

wrote to his brother theo.  it was a particularly torturous time

in his life.  his brush strokes reflect his state, very wild.   it is a 

challenge to reproduce it but i have learned that patience and layers

of paint help.  

and lastly, for this week, i want to share a journal spread.

today, as every friday, i am posting along with friends at 
paint party friday.  click and visit some of the wonderfully
creative folks who share their works there.


  1. I love your ocean watercolor. That Van Gogh is one of my favorites of his, I've seen it in person at the Norton Simon, I have some close ups of it here: It definitely is thickly painted!

  2. I love your posts, and miss them when you don't. You are so special! ♥

  3. Lots of beautiful work Irene and the pier looks a great place to sketch. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. My goodness, Irene, I think that your Van Gogh WIP looks like it was painted by the master himself! Loved the seaside photos and painting too. Yes, me in my hat is new to the blog.

  5. Wow that Van Gogh is amazing...and love the seaside painting too....terrific photos and work!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I love that watercolour and the wip is awesome!

  7. Just think, you are off on another adventure in art with watercolor. I love how you try different mediums. You truly do love art. It is obvious. So wonderful!

  8. I like the final collaged image, Irene - always hard to keep in the front of the mind that neutrals are powerful too when we get accustomed to the brights! Watercolour has incredibly powerful colour - just don't add too much water! Envy you the sea nearby.

  9. I learned to like watercolor. It took me awhile. I prefer acrylics and right now it's my Ipad I'm using for painting. I love your Van Gogh painting. It's something that I always attempt as he is one of my favorites. What a great painting of the lay of the land at the beach. Very good! Have a wonderful day Irene, you've been a busy girl.:)

  10. that looks like a great place to make some art! And your Van Gogh is looking amazing already ...

  11. What a wonderful day on the beach painting. Your art room is awesome too. Thank you for the healing energy. I am typing this one handed and will be in bed most of the day.

    Wishing you a happy weekend

  12. Beautiful work in all the mediums -- watercolor, acrylic and photography. Your tree has so much personality and the watercolor is inviting and I love the colors. Thanks for sharing your work.

  13. lots of fabulous art! The watercolor is lovely. Your take on Van Gogh is great. Love the beach photos - the beach is my favorite place.

  14. I love working with watercolor more than anything. I love your beach are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. I also enjoyed seeing you being inspired by Van Gogh. Happy PPF

  15. Gorgeous paintings and photos, you have included so much interesting details in your beach scene. Your mulberry tree is coming on fantastically, and I also enjoy the collage. Lovely work Irene.