Friday, February 17, 2017


for the past seven days using a limited palate in 10 minutes 

i joined in with friends and posted on instagram.  this is

one of the quick paintings.   i later added collage.

and a journal spread 

i am painting over previously painted canvases like this one.

i attended a retrospective of  frank romero's art 

at the museum of latin american art in long beach.

he is  a los ├íngeles artist raised in boyle heights, where i grew up.

he depicts los ├íngeles since the 70's and has been prolific!   

some of his murals depict the history of mexican american in la. 

he uses vibrant colors with bold brush strokes.  the energy from his 

paintings is palatable.   i will need to go back to again to

be able to appreciate the scope of his work.

this is the study of  the mural  he painted along the freeway  for the 1984 olympics.  

Happy Friday with wishes for an enjoyable weekend!

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Friday, February 10, 2017

journal page

hello friday!

this week i started a collage series at a workshop 

held by kathy leader.  the prompts were to first use

three colors of acrylic paint, then to one, add collage, 

to another, use a complimentary color and the third,

do your choice.  here are my three.

this is how the center piece looks after i worked it. 

i can't wait to incorporate the other two pieces 

so that all three the piece can be hung together.

(the color on this single piece is more accurate)

i admire picasso's tenacity to work the same piece

over and over again until he liked it.    the norton 

simon museum in pasadena has a series of his 

lithographs that shows this process so on a 

clear day, i visited.  i must say that this is one of 

my favorite museums.   not only is it beautiful

but it is just the right size for a visit and i love the

impressionist selection.  this time, though, i only

had enough time to see the picasso exhibit.  

here are a few picture.  i will post more in the future. 

i am inspired by van gogh.

and could not miss this special exhibit of 

his bedroom borrowed from the chicago institute of art.

oh, the colors.  i wish you could see the  vibrancy !

i would love to hear who inspires you!!

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

 hello!  i hope your week has been

filled with creativity!

here is an example of a few pieces I created.

as always, i start with a teabag lady  

this one is in acrylic.

i have been working in a slightly different direction.  

i am making a series of concertina books.

each has a story as the basis.  it is for  the viewer

to discover her own interpretation.

and a birthday card for a dear friend.

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