Saturday, February 4, 2017

 hello!  i hope your week has been

filled with creativity!

here is an example of a few pieces I created.

as always, i start with a teabag lady  

this one is in acrylic.

i have been working in a slightly different direction.  

i am making a series of concertina books.

each has a story as the basis.  it is for  the viewer

to discover her own interpretation.

and a birthday card for a dear friend.

i am sharing this post with paint party friday.
for an eye candy treat,  visit some of the artists 
on the site.


  1. I love the dedication you have to art and that it is a priority in your life.

  2. Lovely art! I like the idea of the concertina book!

  3. I really like where your art is going. You always have so much on your plate or in your brain waiting to get out. I also love the reds and magentas you have been working with.

  4. beautiful projects Irene-and the intense colors in the teabag art-divine!

  5. Beautiful teabag the rich pink!! Wonderful book too!! Your link to ppf isn't working Irene. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Hi Irene----I have been spending my Friday night by paging through and reading a stack of magazines I have had piling up in my basket. I just finished studying and reading your article in Cloth Paper Scissors on your amazing tea bag paintings! I have followed them for a while on Facebook and I love to see what you have done with such a humble substrate. Seeing the article you wrote was a thrill and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you so much for sharing your process. Hope our paths cross sometime soon. I'm still very disappointed that I did not get to meet you and Jacki when you came up for John's class on Whidbey. Hugs, Michele