Friday, October 28, 2016

a teabag, collage and a midwest wedding

she knew she was from another time

on the outside but on the inside she soars.

i did a few collages in a small sketch book.

i used one brochure for the collage material.

this is a self portrait

to give you an idea of size.

this past weekend i attended a wedding

in bloomington, indiana where 

the leaves were just beginning to display

their fall beauty.

there was a special exhibit by a brazilian artist, Vic Muniz 

at the indiana university art  museum.

his work inspired me to cut and paste... and i can't stop!

some of us in my print group had traveled a bi recently.

we discussed the fact that travel opens the 

senses because, partly, because you are free of every day

chores and responsibilities.  You can be open to the

new, use your senses to take in your surroundings

and process in a different way.  one of the reasons

i love to travel!  do you find this to be true?

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Friday, October 21, 2016

hello and thank you for visiting.

today i am featuring a few highlights 

of the last two weeks ...  in no particular order

a few sketchy teabags

three of us rented a house in 

newport beach a block from the 

ocean.  we spread out and did 

art whenever we wanted, talked about 

where to eat, ate, did more art,

and talk some more.

but first we visited the long beach museum of art

where there was  a wonderful exhibit featuring

contemporary artists. 

a journal given to us by john arbuckle.  

i filled the whole thing with memories 

jo bennett, an artist i met on instagram read some of

my posts about my japanese relatives being 

interned.  she and her mother were moved by the

stories and gifted me this doll which was left to her

mother by japanese americans before they were interned.

a little collage fun.

a cardboard journal john showed us how to make

over the weekend.

acts for my international group.

and a figurative drawing for an online figurative  group.

with being in and out of town, i am a week behind 

on responding to your generous comments but know i am 

always delighted and grateful for  your visit.  

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have a lovely weekend

Thursday, October 6, 2016

is it really october?


this week is my birthday and

i am doing a lot of celebrating.

but still have time to create.

here are a few teabags i painted.

i never felt this was finished so in my weekly workshop

i decided to work on it and do something different.  

i learned a new paint application.  where you roll a round brush

in several colors and then roll it on the canvas.  the instructor

said this is in the style of monet.  

still a work in progress with lots more layer yet to go.

i reserve judgement of the result so far but am enjoying

the process.  

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have a lovely weekend!