Monday, May 22, 2017


trash is kept in its own area in my community.  since i see the trash

area from the kitchen window i wanted it to be, well, pretty.

i found this old mexican door to use for the trash door. 

it makes for a pretty snazzy trash area!

linking with artful adventures stroll

Sunday, May 21, 2017

i am participating in artful adventures

with natalie kalbach.  the idea is that we stroll through

our neighborhood and see with new eyes.  she gives a daily prompt

for us to photograph and post.   i have been posting on 

instagram but will try posting  the photos along with my comments

here as well.   i am posting several prompts here to catch up.

thanks for bearing with me!


i know i'm home when i brush by these Epidendrum orchids 
to enter my front door.  They are from my grandfather's cuttings.  
my mother also had pots of them in various stages and colors.  


a peek through my side fence.


i see the garage and sunrise every morning
from my studio window.


today i clear this bit of a space
to make room for a raised bed garden
i grew up with one grandfather who was 
a gardener and another who grew his own 
vegetables in the back yard.  whenever
i touch the soil, i picture them bent over,
nurturing the ground that fed their families.


it's that kind of day.  big clouds, no cars 
on the street, endless dreams.


my mailbox is across the street with my neighbors.  
my block is the only block in the city where the mail is not 
delivered in front of the house.  they say it is to save 
the mail person from driving on both sides of the street.  i don't mind.  
i like  chatting with my neighbors at mail time. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017


a few months ago i started a grateful jar.

i picked a empty jar from my cupboard,

a 3 x 5 card, pencil and scissors.  each night

we write a few words on what we are grateful 

for.  then we fold it and put it in the jar.  at first,

there were a few lonely folded pieces of paper.

now it is getting fuller and very satisfying. 

its such a simple gesture but i look forward to it.

i am experimenting with doodles 

and color.  it's new to me.  i won a place 

in a carla sonheim workshop given by diane culhane.

700 people entered the drawing and i won!  

it is pushing me in new and unfamiliar directions.

i like that very much!

wishing you a lovely weekend

posting and playing with friends 
at paint party friday.  if you get a chance,
drop by the party!

Friday, May 12, 2017

without realizing it, 

i have found myself in a holding pattern,

like an airplane circling a landing strip

waiting for the tower to ok the next step.

now, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

but for someone who is as active and productive as i am, 

it is unusual.  at first, i considered it a natural

progression after a big push to  finish work for 

 several art shows.  that's understandable.  but now,

i look at it as equivalent to the fall growing season for 

flowers.  you don't see much above ground but there is 

much going on under the surface.  roots are developing 

a strong network to support the growing plant,  nutrients

feed  and strengthen the stalk and the flower bud absorb

what it needs for the next step.  

if i were to describe this 'holding pattern,' i would 

say that i don't have a particular goal,  i am experimenting

with some new (to me) techniques, i am not working on a project

and i haven't been painting daily.  what i have been doing daily

is sketching, doodling, collaging, watercolor, journaling.   

and loving it all.  even here today, on my blog,  i am meandering.

and i think that's just fine!

i wonder if others have these periods of wandering?

a happy mother's day to mothers and a lovely


posting with friends at paint party friday.  
grateful to kristin and eva for generously hosting this group.