Saturday, May 20, 2017


a few months ago i started a grateful jar.

i picked a empty jar from my cupboard,

a 3 x 5 card, pencil and scissors.  each night

we write a few words on what we are grateful 

for.  then we fold it and put it in the jar.  at first,

there were a few lonely folded pieces of paper.

now it is getting fuller and very satisfying. 

its such a simple gesture but i look forward to it.

i am experimenting with doodles 

and color.  it's new to me.  i won a place 

in a carla sonheim workshop given by diane culhane.

700 people entered the drawing and i won!  

it is pushing me in new and unfamiliar directions.

i like that very much!

wishing you a lovely weekend

posting and playing with friends 
at paint party friday.  if you get a chance,
drop by the party!


  1. Beautiful art and love the idea of the grateful jar. Congrats on your lucky win! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. Lucky you! And lucky them.
    I too have a grateful jar, but have gotten away from it,
    thanks for the inspiration to get back to it. ♥

  3. Love your artsy pages Irene! Congrats on winning that workshop too. It was meant for you! Love Carla's work and teachings. Enjoy and happy PPF!

  4. After I read about your wonderful gratitude jar I was not surprised to hear you won a spot. Gratitude seems to be a magnet for great things!! Love Carlas fun work...can't wait to see where you take her process!! Gorgeous doodles!! Love the gratitude jar...we speak about gratitude a lot however I may adopt the jar idea too! I've heard some people read what they wrote in the jar on New Years eve. Great post!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. A grateful jar what a fabulous idea. Something I think I will start as well. Thank you for the idea. Congratulations on winning the place in the class. I love this new style you are playing with.

  6. Love your experiments with doodles and colours! Congrats on winning the workshop! Looking forward to what you'll be creating.

  7. Love your colorful doodle art! Glad you are enjoying your class.