Friday, May 12, 2017

without realizing it, 

i have found myself in a holding pattern,

like an airplane circling a landing strip

waiting for the tower to ok the next step.

now, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

but for someone who is as active and productive as i am, 

it is unusual.  at first, i considered it a natural

progression after a big push to  finish work for 

 several art shows.  that's understandable.  but now,

i look at it as equivalent to the fall growing season for 

flowers.  you don't see much above ground but there is 

much going on under the surface.  roots are developing 

a strong network to support the growing plant,  nutrients

feed  and strengthen the stalk and the flower bud absorb

what it needs for the next step.  

if i were to describe this 'holding pattern,' i would 

say that i don't have a particular goal,  i am experimenting

with some new (to me) techniques, i am not working on a project

and i haven't been painting daily.  what i have been doing daily

is sketching, doodling, collaging, watercolor, journaling.   

and loving it all.  even here today, on my blog,  i am meandering.

and i think that's just fine!

i wonder if others have these periods of wandering?

a happy mother's day to mothers and a lovely


posting with friends at paint party friday.  
grateful to kristin and eva for generously hosting this group.  


  1. your portrait is wonderful Irene! As soon as I saw it I thought of Dina Wakley's scribble faces and style. Sure I have periods pof wandering , and I have learned to just allow it. Happy PPF!

  2. Very nice face you've sketched. I think I'm not a serious enough artist to have wandering or non-wandering times. I have found that I will go for weeks and do art every day and not read. Then I will latch on to reading and finish off 3 or so books a week and not do any art. At my age, I think it's fine.

  3. I really like your sketch/art. I have looked at it many times now.

    Sounds like you are having fun doing just what you are doing.

  4. Nice expressive work anyway, Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Love that expressive portrait. And I am so in the 'holding pattern' season at the moment! As you say, lots going on underneath, but not much to see above ground - yet :)

  6. Happy Mothers Day Irene, so glad you got to go to Chicago.
    and glad to see you at PVAC. My opinion, holding patterns wont last long for you, and the landing is sure to be terrific! ;o)

  7. Thank you for the lovely thoughtful post of art.
    Happy Mother's Day💕

  8. Oh yes, I have these periods of wandering regularly, especially after I've been really busy for a market or a show. But I find it hard to get out of sometimes. I like your thought that there's a lot going on under the surface :-) Your drawing really pulls me in. I like the combination of simple lines, ink and collage.

  9. Yes, yes and yes.... I find there is always a change after that wandering! Your words are so beautifully poetic! It's as though we've gone as far as we can in that one stage and there is time for something new! Enjoy the journey!! Your drawing perfectly expresses those feelings!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. The wondering you are going through is just a time for some greatness to show itself. I love this piece of art and see such emotion in it.

  11. It is amazing how lines come together to make something recognizable. :-) What a success! :-)