Friday, January 19, 2018

happy new year friends!

how are you?  I didn't mean to take a 

long break but that's exactly what happened.  

a sinus infection got me for a good month and then

the holidays came.  my son visited for a nice long

time, always a delight to me.  I stop everything while

he's here. 

I'm glad to be back at my dear blog! i've missed

you all and hope all is well!

this year I am working on my drawing skills.

with some pen drawings.  these drawings

are in a little journal I carry with me

along with a mechanical pencil and am

.02 micron pen.

also experimenting with a mechanical pencil, 

black wing pencil, and eraser drawings.

the simplicity of products used is enticing.

 and then missing color, watercolor using a 

soppy brush is added over the pen drawings.

characters do show up!!

lastly, a pelican spotted on my daily walk.

thank you for visiting today!

posting with friends at paint party friday.
thank you eva and kristin.