Saturday, November 24, 2018


 I recently read that rather than focus on what we

 do not have, 

looking at the simple things in our life 

that may be easily overlooked or taken for granted 

is not only good for our mental health, it grows a pattern that

 if done regularly helps to stave away and counterbalance those  blue days.  

so here are a few of the things that brings thanks to my heart. 

a birthday celebration 

at a my friend joann's beautiful home.

where I brought surprise gifts 

and taught my lovely non artist friends 

(who are actually very artistic )

5 different ways to marble on paper and silk.

Some test samples of marbling can be 

seen on my last post. 

we had fun and decided that egg marbling was not for us, 

that marbling on silk was great and that next time

 we will marble longer pieces of silk to make scarves.

I continue to practice my stealth starbucks drawings daily.

my little black journal is almost full of faces and scenes!

now that's satisfying!

this is a start of a new triptych.  it is always so freeing

to start.  no critical eye, no direction, just applying paint,

selecting colors of the day.  many more layers of paint

and collage will be added so that most of this will 

not be seen in the end and the colors may be totally changed.

on a walk with my husband this scene drew me in.  

not only the beautiful afternoon light 

but the contrast of the arid cactus, tropical palms 

and right on the other side of the hill the pacific ocean can

be appreciated a few minutes away from my home. 

well that sure a lot to be thankful for!

 and I thank you for your visit today.

wishing you a lovely weekend.  

posting with friends at kristen and eva's paint party friday