Friday, June 24, 2016

after reading my friend jacki long's blog  about being 

side-tracked on a day when she had her plate already full.

i couldn't resist.   today i have to 

submit titles, prices, sizes and an artist 

statement and complete the blog listing of all the 

teabag paintings (over 130)  for a July show where 

i will have an installation space to display the teabag ladies that 

i have been painting daily for this year.  

good day to be sidetracked. so with a roll of clear packing tape, 

a junk mail travel brochure, glue stick, just completed journal  and 

time i don't have, i got busy.

opened journal cover

the procedure is simple.  

1     place the clear tape on a magazine page, rub or burnish

2     rip up the tape from the page.  you will get a portion of whatever image was

on the page.  you can play around with this.  the harder you burnish, the  more

of the page will come up.  it's not an exact science.  i like that!

taped brochure strip 

strip glued on the journal

arrange the strips  and glue.

easy peasy!

but this simple technique transformed how i feel about the journal.

i hadn't been able to move on to a new journal because although

all of the pages were  filled, something stopped me.

 it love the new look of my journal

and can move on to a new journal and to getting today's work done.

reflection in a large outdoor aquarium at malibu village

thank you for visiting 
and have a lovely week end

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

what better to do on a gray day but to meet a friend 

 at the long beach swap meet?

you might find a judy garland album

or a new dress


hardware.... when i built my house i scoured

swap meets every sunday

for glass door knobs and brass hardware

like these.  each door  in my house is unique and has its

own story.

old photos for collage pieces

although, sometimes these old photos make me

sad thinking of disconnected families that

do not have their precious photos.

early california pottery.  i have several 

collections of these colorful dishes, bowls

and mugs.

or even an old ready to be used

for an altered book.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

 delicate arch, arches national park

i am at a loss for words to describe the beauty

i saw on my recent trip to arches national park in colorado

 and  monument valley, utah.

balance rock, arches

so i quote edward abbey,

'out there is a different world, 

older and greater and

deeper by far

than ours,

a world which

surrounds and sustains....'

my iphone pics will give you a taste of 

the beauty.  hopefully you will one day

be able to see with your 

own heart.

cairns point the way to the trail 

a meal enjoyed at jeane-pierre restaurant and bakery in durango, colorado 

an large, intact skeleton found on a hike

brought home to my friends' for future project.

we felt like amateur paleontologists.

 sunrise over arches

 sunset, monument valley

rico hotel, rico, colorado

we have been in a drought situation in southern california.

this means 5 minute showers, drought tolerant plants,

reusing water runoff to water plants.  my eyes were singing

to see green everywhere!

telluride, colorado filling up with tourists for the 

blue grass festival this weekend

my travel journal, a gift  made by terry garret

sculpture in front of our friend's front door

 petryglyphs in arches

and a few of my teabags drawn with 

few supplies while on the trip 

i am a big sports fan so we watched the copa america

tournament along with keeping up with the nab finals.

i am glad to be back posting here on my blog.  

tell me what you have been up to!

posting with paint party friday friends.
thank you eva and kristen for hosting 
the weekly group of creatives for over 6 years!