Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Confession

i mentioned in an earlier post about the difficulty i have have announcing

upcoming gallery shows  and other events where my work is featured.

here is an example. these two paintings that were accepted in a juried show, CA 101, 

which  included artists from throughout california.  the show was held at 

the closed edison power plant in redondo beach.  the venue was like nothing

i had seen before, very funky, retro and artsy. my painting was selected

to advertise the event in the local  paper   i was also

interviewed for an article in the paper.   unfortunately, i was out of town

for the duration of the show but i was able to see all the work 

hung and displayed before the opening.   it was an honor to be a part of the event.

my friends and blog are keeping my honest~~i am working at being better 

at posting showings in a timely manner in the future.

i'd love to know if are you reluctant or shy to show and tell?

have gotten over it?  can you share the process?

jacki long, a fellow artist visited the experimental art show at

summer studio this week.  she did a great job of photographing and reporting her

experience here on her blog:

i think you will enjoy the tour

today i am linking with paint party friday


Friday, July 5, 2013


should you be in southern california, you  will have a treat in store

at summer studio in lomita.  the annual showing of work  done by

experimental artists of the south bay

is currently on exhibit through july 21.

we hold monthly peer taught workshops and work on each project  during

a two month period.  at the first meeting i attended a few years ago,

i had a feeling that this was a group who are passionate about 

the same thing i am -- experimenting with art--

and they are right in my back yard.  i look forward to the 

monthly sessions like a kid anticipating christmas.

trio is one of my pieces in the show.  

in the past i often have had the 'i don't want to bother

other people'  thought.  so i have not posted or told friends about 

shows or exhibits until after they were over.  i would hear, why didn't you tell me?

i want to see your work.  i now understand that it is fun for them  and for me.   

this life offers  a lot of learning experiences.

have a lovely weekend


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Catching Up

after traveling for two weeks and dealing with computer issues before that,

i spent a well needed replenishing weekend at a workshop led by 

katie kendricks at studio creshendoh in santa ana, ca.  

under katie's gentle guidance i worked on 7-8  new pieces.

here are a couple of pieces that i started... more work to be done 

it is a welcome relief to let go and allow the prompts 

from someone else take you to places you may 

not have thought to go.  i saw friends there, 

reconnected with other creative folks i that i have met along my 

art journey and  met new friends.  i came away stimulated to do more 

work, reminded that there are no mistakes and that there exists

a large network of people who love creating as much as i do.

this all fed my creative soul.

and catching up and linking with all my paint party friday friends

happy fourth to all my american friends