Friday, July 5, 2013


should you be in southern california, you  will have a treat in store

at summer studio in lomita.  the annual showing of work  done by

experimental artists of the south bay

is currently on exhibit through july 21.

we hold monthly peer taught workshops and work on each project  during

a two month period.  at the first meeting i attended a few years ago,

i had a feeling that this was a group who are passionate about 

the same thing i am -- experimenting with art--

and they are right in my back yard.  i look forward to the 

monthly sessions like a kid anticipating christmas.

trio is one of my pieces in the show.  

in the past i often have had the 'i don't want to bother

other people'  thought.  so i have not posted or told friends about 

shows or exhibits until after they were over.  i would hear, why didn't you tell me?

i want to see your work.  i now understand that it is fun for them  and for me.   

this life offers  a lot of learning experiences.

have a lovely weekend



  1. Fun piece, Irene. Hope the show goes well.

  2. Lovely, Irene. I like the soft colors and the contrast in textures.

  3. Congratulations on your exhibition! I love Trio! Just splendid!

  4. You should definitely tell never know if one might be in the neighborhood, I won't this time but stranger things have happened!

    I would love to see your work in person..and you