Saturday, February 16, 2013


oil pastel, collage on bristol paper

my friend is going to turkey soon.

so today as i draw this asian face 

i am transported to another world.

i remember sitting in a dimly lit 12th century camel stop

with immense ceilings and archways 

as whirling dervishes 

twirl to the rhythm of 

ancient sounds 

in search of rapture 

image from

with  the glint of day

once again i found my way

ah, i am not lost

haiku from my heart linked to friends at rebecca's site

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thinking of You

Homemade Candy (Conversation) Hearts by world630 on interest

today is a day of love

of thoughts of the other

of remembering that within

your heart lies the truth,

your truth

and that speaking from that place

you cannot go wrong

today is a day to connect

and share that sacred space

St. Valentine was a priest imprisoned priest persecuted by the Romans.  Legend has it that he  helped to heal the blind daughter of his jailer.   Before his execution for refusing to renounce his religion he is said to have sent the daughter a farewell note signing it from your Valentine.

Thank you for visiting today.

Sending hugs.

Friday, February 8, 2013


today by sheer chance

look beyond the expected

there is magic out there

a block from home, my mind was considering a to do list

a task, a project, even creating some art.

whatever was on my mind took me away from the present moment.

 but sitting at a stop sign, i looked up at the sky. 

the breathtaking view prompted me to take out my camera 

to record the moment.  how many times do i miss the beauty right in front of me.

happy in paint heaven

sending you hugs to you 

for a magical weekend.

joining my friends at haiku my heart today

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fresh Start

no beat missed, one month

into two thousand thirteen

where are you right now?

i grew up in boyle heights on the east side of los angeles.
at the time the japanese americans were restricted as to where in the city 
they were allowed to live.  this month i drove by my childhood home.
things are never as you remember them to be.  but one thing is certain,
and that is the passing of time.  one of the many ways i carry around
my past is collecting things from little pieces of paper to photos to 
 memories, to containers of various shapes and sizes.  this month i have been escalating,
stirring the cauldron of my life so to speak.  i have created a new studio 
space.  i was surprised that it was not easy to claim another space for myself
in my own home.  once past the hurdle, though, i am thrilled.  in the process, 
many of the stuff lingering in corners were brought out to the light of day
and decisions were made as to whether they stay or go.  
breaking new ground, fresh start, clearing out,
i am ready for the new.