Friday, February 8, 2013


today by sheer chance

look beyond the expected

there is magic out there

a block from home, my mind was considering a to do list

a task, a project, even creating some art.

whatever was on my mind took me away from the present moment.

 but sitting at a stop sign, i looked up at the sky. 

the breathtaking view prompted me to take out my camera 

to record the moment.  how many times do i miss the beauty right in front of me.

happy in paint heaven

sending you hugs to you 

for a magical weekend.

joining my friends at haiku my heart today


  1. This is paint heaven! Love this photo of you, Irene. I also love the "magic" of the sky and tree photo.

  2. Beautiful sky with
    prayers rising up on high
    flutter merrily

  3. i love you irene. you bring the magic and the beauty everywhere you go!

  4. Oh I am betting THAT was one expensive trip to the art store. Where IS this????

    That photo really captures YOU. I love your smile and your laugh.

  5. Wooow! I never seend shop like that in my life! Gealous!