Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fresh Start

no beat missed, one month

into two thousand thirteen

where are you right now?

i grew up in boyle heights on the east side of los angeles.
at the time the japanese americans were restricted as to where in the city 
they were allowed to live.  this month i drove by my childhood home.
things are never as you remember them to be.  but one thing is certain,
and that is the passing of time.  one of the many ways i carry around
my past is collecting things from little pieces of paper to photos to 
 memories, to containers of various shapes and sizes.  this month i have been escalating,
stirring the cauldron of my life so to speak.  i have created a new studio 
space.  i was surprised that it was not easy to claim another space for myself
in my own home.  once past the hurdle, though, i am thrilled.  in the process, 
many of the stuff lingering in corners were brought out to the light of day
and decisions were made as to whether they stay or go.  
breaking new ground, fresh start, clearing out,
i am ready for the new.


  1. Ready for the new is an excellent place to be, although I have to confess that I have no idea where I am right now!


  2. Love your 'header' ~ It is wonderfully creative and beautiful ~ Great shot of your childhood home ~ I am with you ~ I am cleaning out my studio area and making a new start too ~ Glad to journey together ^_^

    Carol of: A Creative Harbor ^_^

  3. that time was a history I find hard to live with, but I was only a babe and didn't really live through the fear our country had back then.
    lovely home. I wish I could say that I were in your situation that's expressed in your haiku!
    blessed be

  4. It is hard to claim a room of one's own, isn't it? I am so glad you jumped that hurdle, all of the fun lies ahead.
    This was a wonderful post, in all ways♥

  5. Seems like many of us are creating fresh starts of some sort or other, still it is nearly spring! x

  6. I am so glad you revisited your ol home even though you got strange looks from the present occupants. I, too, have returned to old homes and actually have better memories stored than the new present ones.

  7. hi Irene
    got your mail today and am very pleased.

  8. need to comment again as I read your posting
    I too is right on my knees to empty my studio and moving things into my home. I have to sort out,decide what to stay and what to go. A lot have to go, a lot. not much space but still my space to fill with what I need and cherish for the moment. find bits and pieces of forgotten bits. hard work but it will be fine once its done.
    Following your blog now, looks exciting.

  9. This page, so bright and open and full of possibility. It is interesting to travel back to our childhoods, takes us back in so many unsuspecting ways.