Thursday, May 23, 2013

Creating Images

i apologize for not posting in a while due to tech issues.  i am still having 
problems with my photo program but i managed to get this photo.  
hopefully this will be resolved soon.  it only stopped the creative juices 
for a short time while i fretted

i have been learning  something new...a friend invited me to work on her printing press.

  it has been oh so much fun. i am not sure that i can full describe the process so it's clear 

but i will try.   first, an image is painted on a plexiglass sheet.  when the image is completed

 paper is soaked in water, blotted to a damp dry and set on top of the painted plexiglass.  

this is run under a large metal drum.  after the piece is rolled, the paper lifted

there is a surprise on the other end.  sometimes it works, sometimes

not in the intended way.  This image that i am showing is from a magazine photo of lady gaga.

i painted her using only black printers paint.  i thought i'd start simple with one color.  

after it was  printed i took a photo.   i made a copy of the photo

 on tissue paper to collage on a  painted and collaged cradle board.  

it sounds way more complicated than it actually is.  i will take photos to show.  

i want am excited to incorporate more of the printing into my painting and collages.

thank your for visiting 

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Monday, May 6, 2013

What You Can Count On

my computer stopped working.  it turns out that the problem was easily 
solved with a visit to the apple genius.  but in the quiet of my own home
i found that my photos were not there and i have a lot of photos that are precious to me.  
i am trying to keep a low grade panic at bay.  i have to consult again with a technician 
to help me with this problem.  on the days when technology works, it makes life seemingly
easier and i wonder if how i manage without it. .  on the inevitable 
break down days... that's another story.  i count on my computer, phone and
other electronic devices to work.  i started to think about what it is that i can 
count on, who it is i can count on, whether interdependence and independence 
are mutually exclusive.  i came back to the basic thought that i can count on myself,
i can count on key people and i can count on change.  there was a time when
i thought it important to do things myself, to not count on others for help. i thought 
that made me a strong person.    but i don't want to be a lone island. 
 i like the richness that comes with having 
people in my life.  to share, to relate, to laugh, to create with.
it might be simplistic but i think that covers it.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


painting is a process.  apply paint, look at shapes and color, apply more paint.  

in between there is a lot of looking and doing nothing.   so there are a lot of

partially finished works in my studio.  waiting for the next step.  there is no

urgency.   when the time is right,  it is right.  i worked on this painting 

yesterday.  she is almost finished.  almost.

on a random note, i was taken by this charming setting in santa monica

right on the  parkway.  there are even magazines in the basket for loungers.  

the sign reads

slow down


is trying to

catch you

thank you for stopping by today.  

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