Thursday, May 2, 2013


painting is a process.  apply paint, look at shapes and color, apply more paint.  

in between there is a lot of looking and doing nothing.   so there are a lot of

partially finished works in my studio.  waiting for the next step.  there is no

urgency.   when the time is right,  it is right.  i worked on this painting 

yesterday.  she is almost finished.  almost.

on a random note, i was taken by this charming setting in santa monica

right on the  parkway.  there are even magazines in the basket for loungers.  

the sign reads

slow down


is trying to

catch you

thank you for stopping by today.  

i am linking with others at paint party friday who have have played with paint this week. 


  1. what an inviting stopping place! since I'm not an artist, but I love playing with paints, I'd call your stunning painting "enough", she is so striking!

  2. Love your WIP, I often find it hard to know when I get to that 'down painbrush, it's finished moment' you look like you are almost there with this beautiful piece. That outdoor seating area looks very comfy, yet strange, not sure I could chill out that near the road! Takes all sorts I guess :)

  3. I think she looks a bit rebellious - like she was made to be a beauty queen or maid of honour. There's power in her face!

  4. So fanciful with a strong face. She is beautiful!

  5. love the dream quality of this!
    it looks done to me!
    I wish I could sit on those chairs.
    take care

  6. beautiful artwork, take your time and thoroughly enjoy it is always the best way.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. She's wonderful, i adore her floral headdress! HPPF!

  8. Your painting is lovely. and that street scene is so cool. What fun people they must be. HPPF

  9. That is a charming place to stop ... but more than anything I do like the energy and colour in your work... fabulous...xx

  10. Stunning lady!! Love that quote too....I need to say that to my brother!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. I love your WIP painting, the flowers and colours are beautiful and what a fantastic place in Santa Monica to sit and wait for happiness to catch up!!

  12. Gorgeous!! I love that she has flowers in her hair! and I love the depths in the colors, makes it so much 3D. This painting makes me very happy! =D

    and what a lovely place it would have been to sit down on those benches with the pillows! =)

  13. Beautiful and romantic, it reminds me Catañunya modernism. Saludos

  14. Not only have you treated us with another pretty painting but you've shown us a most unexpected resting place. I hope you took a seat for a few minutes.

  15. Beautiful painting ~ she is gorgeous and love all the surrounding colors and small touches of black ~ Wonderful! ~

    Thanks for visiting ~ 'good to see you' again.^_^

  16. what a calming post irene. I love your process of slowing things and being in the moment. Your painting is lovely and blossoming wonderfully. The charming sala set is so inspiring too! Thanks for the reminder!

  17. This is really beautiful. I do like this resting area as well.

  18. Your painting is beautiful. I LOVE the colors and softness...really pretty! What a great little find, those are sweet comfy looking chairs. Thanks for sharing your work. Happy Paint Party Friday!

  19. Wonderfully lovely lady with the flowering hair! and the photo along the street is glad you shared it! happy PPF!

  20. Whoa she is absolutely wonderful! Love the diffused colours and the strong ezpression! She is incredible

  21. So lovely! What a transformation!

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  22. Dear Irene, what an amasing phrase: "happiness is trying to catch you"
    I like your blog :)
    Thank you for kind comments you write on my flowers
    be happy

  23. Hello beautiful Irene, your WIP is just magical,love her. It would be nice to sit and have a long over due chit-chat at that little spot you found, (I could bring the tea)I wish.