Friday, August 12, 2016

scenes from the annual CA 101 show
featuring california artists.  i was too busy
looking at the art and forgot to take photos.
these are from postings i found on Facebook.
i am sorry not to have the photographer's names
but think they capture the excitement of this event.

CA 101 was held in a mall.  it was an innovative
use of real estate.  i was dubious about the venue 
at first.  it turned out to be a grand event with lots
of open space for people to mill around. 

my teabag ladies won 
3rd place
from a visitor's poll!

tonight will be the 3rd annual gallery in the garden 
featuring my art.  for a complete listing of all that
will be on display click here or on the tab above.

today's post will be linking with other creative
blogs at paint party friday.  check the link 
to view a virtual gallery from artists around 
the world.

have a lovely weekend!