Monday, February 4, 2019

paul cristina has a unique style that 

I wanted to learn.   

after attending his workshop, this was one of the 

finished pieces I created by tearing a number of 

charcoal portraits and remixing them

into a new collaged face. 

I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Friday, February 1, 2019

welcome february!

the ai weiwei exhibit at the 

was beyond my expectations.  the founders of the

foundation, brothers and owners of guess jeans 

have converted an iconic los angeles building to offer

rotating contemporary art at no fee to the guests.  these photos 

do not do the art justice but I thought it worthwhile 

to give those of you who cannot experience the in person

extravaganza a peek.  the sculptures are created from thin

bamboo, intricately designed, some wrapped in silk.  an astonishing 
part of the  exhibit are the shadows cast from the sculptures.  at first glance

I thought they were drawings on the wall but soon realized that

it was cast shadows.  the last image of stools shows this well.

also at the marciano foundation is a room created

by yayoi kusama.  standing among her red polka dots 

after recently seeing infinity a documentary of her life

was thrilling.

here, for a little contrast from the magnificentart, 

are humble potato stamps I made.

I admire caren ginsberg's portraits and was fortunate

enough to attend her workshop.

these are my works in progress

and have been participating in a 15 minute a day art journal

challenge which I post on instagram.  this is made from 

handmade stencils and collage.

thank you for visiting and if you have been here before,

I appreciate your return visit.  have a lovely weekend

and month.  I will be out of town and am not sure that 

I will be able to post.  

 sunset, palos verdes, california, home

posting today with paint party friday and friends!

To my PPF friends, I want to mention that I have been posting 
comments  on various blogs but when I press publish, the comment 
disappears on the google sites even though I have signed in.
I don't want to seem rude by not returning your visit to you blogs 
after you have taken the time to visit and comment here.  hopefully,
I will resolve this soon.  Thank you for understanding. 

Sunday, December 16, 2018


I hope this holiday is season is 

finding you and your loved ones well.

Today I am sharing this quote by Thoreau

that I think is apropos. 

journal spread collage, acrylic, pens, stencil

Go confidently  in the direction of 

your dreams.   Live the life 

you've imagined. 

As you simplify your life, 

the laws of the universe

will be simpler.

Threau, 1854

I am preparing for a Christmas visit from my 

number one son and his new bride.  Of course I

am beyond excited.  I will resume my blog in the 

new year (unless I find a few minutes to sneak over 

to my computer).    Thank you for visiting  and especially 

thank you for taking the time to comment.  

Happy Holidays  to you and your families

and a healthy, happy, promising 2019!

posting today with friends who join in with 
and our hostess Eva and Kristen 

Saturday, November 24, 2018


 I recently read that rather than focus on what we

 do not have, 

looking at the simple things in our life 

that may be easily overlooked or taken for granted 

is not only good for our mental health, it grows a pattern that

 if done regularly helps to stave away and counterbalance those  blue days.  

so here are a few of the things that brings thanks to my heart. 

a birthday celebration 

at a my friend joann's beautiful home.

where I brought surprise gifts 

and taught my lovely non artist friends 

(who are actually very artistic )

5 different ways to marble on paper and silk.

Some test samples of marbling can be 

seen on my last post. 

we had fun and decided that egg marbling was not for us, 

that marbling on silk was great and that next time

 we will marble longer pieces of silk to make scarves.

I continue to practice my stealth starbucks drawings daily.

my little black journal is almost full of faces and scenes!

now that's satisfying!

this is a start of a new triptych.  it is always so freeing

to start.  no critical eye, no direction, just applying paint,

selecting colors of the day.  many more layers of paint

and collage will be added so that most of this will 

not be seen in the end and the colors may be totally changed.

on a walk with my husband this scene drew me in.  

not only the beautiful afternoon light 

but the contrast of the arid cactus, tropical palms 

and right on the other side of the hill the pacific ocean can

be appreciated a few minutes away from my home. 

well that sure a lot to be thankful for!

 and I thank you for your visit today.

wishing you a lovely weekend.  

posting with friends at kristen and eva's paint party friday 

Friday, October 26, 2018

 hello and welcome to my weekly blog!

today I am sharing a mix up of my week.

here is a what fall looks like at my house.

along with a little silliness

and a wip layered painting.

and a few marbling samples that I have been testing

using different mediums.

my husband and I visited our favorite local museum,

norton simon in pasadena.  here are some pictures of 

the tranquil landscape complete with rodin and henry moore sculptures.

have a lovely week.  I so appreciate your visit today 

and enjoy reading your comments.

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