Friday, October 26, 2018

 hello and welcome to my weekly blog!

today I am sharing a mix up of my week.

here is a what fall looks like at my house.

along with a little silliness

and a wip layered painting.

and a few marbling samples that I have been testing

using different mediums.

my husband and I visited our favorite local museum,

norton simon in pasadena.  here are some pictures of 

the tranquil landscape complete with rodin and henry moore sculptures.

have a lovely week.  I so appreciate your visit today 

and enjoy reading your comments.

this post is linked to paint party friday,
a weekly creative online community hosted
by eva and kristin.


  1. Hello Irene, Happy PPF!
    I love your halloween sillinesses- fun :D)
    Your wip is gorgeous already - lovely movement in it and those soft colours are beautiful.

  2. Looks like a great week to me.
    You shine in so many areas! ;o)

  3. You have achieved a lot in you week- beautiful art and decorations. Happy PPF, Valerie

  4. Your Halloween decorations are joy for eye. Love your mysterious painting and thank you for sharing the gorgeous photos. Henry Moore is a great sculptor.
    Happy weekend and upcoming
    week to you 🧡🍁

  5. Love how you decorate for Halloween. Is that a bit of Africa mixed in? Love the sculptures from the museum and love that you are attempting to do some marbling. Greetings from Ireland. :-)

  6. Wonderful post. I like all the mixed up art.LOL Silliness is good. The museum grounds are beautiful. I really like the marbling and the layered ladies, I can't wait to see finished.

  7. beautiful landscape and sculptures. Love your Autumn decor- and the fun masks:) Your art projects are beautiful and I am really loving the layered ladies! Happy PPF and happy weekend!

  8. Looks like a wonderful week! You've got some amazing work. I love the fun Halloween mask and the gorgeous layering piece too. I'm really in love with the marbling! That looks like so much fun and the designs turned out really well. I would like to give that a try one day. Happy PPF!

  9. Thank you Irene for your lovely words about my collage art to day.
    Have a wonderful week ahead 💗

  10. Lovely art and thanks for sharing the museum photos, so interesting.

  11. Your painting and marbling look great

  12. What a fun and artistic way to spend your days. Your art is wonderful and your local museum has outstanding surroundings and sculptures.
    Happy PPF Tracey

  13. Love the layered painting! So pretty!