Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's In My Bones

at the end of every year my ishibashi grandmother followed the tradition of her japanese village.
she cleaned and cleared out her home for the coming year.  every item was taken out, dusted, clothes were washed and ironed, the front doorway was swept for guests,  often a new outfit was worn on the first day of the year.  this tradition is in my bones.  while i may not touch each item i own, it is a time to evaluate the previous year, to take stock, to take pause and to reflect upon what was accomplished, what was ignored and what could be improved upon.  

it was a perfect tie in to this ritual that six exiled tibetan monks who now live in a 
most remote village in india came to my community

to create a sand mandala for peace and to promote 

compassion for all.    this mandala was meticulously and lovingly created over 
a period of several days only to be dusted away showing the transitory nature of life
during this time  of renewal and sharing.

for today, may each thing that your hands or heart touch be 
reflective of the beauty that resides within you.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Crushes

new little journal

feels good in my hands

window art for the eyes of passers-by

ocean mural in riviera village, redondo beach

and some shaky drawing a la danny gregory 

years ago i knitted several christmas sweaters.  they have been in my closet 

unworn for longer than i can remember.  this year i heard them called 

ugly holiday sweaters so i thought i would wear them for 2012.  

i got a personal chuckle out of having it on.  

but it brought back warm memories of holidays spent with young

children, hand made gifts for teachers, concerts at school during a chilly evening 

with little fingers playing the viola and  hot chocolate

with melted marshmallows  afterwards 

hmm.... i started with current crushes and have ended here with a wistful memory

wishing you a lovely day 

with fond memories 

reaching out 

to touch you

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thinking of You

it's that time of year

no time to catch a breath

to do lists overflow


even at


there are signs 

wishing you the joy of this holiday season


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Scenes From My Week

I visited a friend, Martin Charlot, who painted this stunning painting.

Detail from the same painting.  He also painted the large mural depicting the history of Hawaii in the lobby of the new Disney resort in Oahu.   My son modeled for Martin so one of the warriors in the scene looks like him.  

A few colorful pieces from the gift store at the

Autry Museum in Burbank.  She's ready to party.

A peek into a local hair salon.  Doesn't look like this could be a salon in Bali?

I love the stenciled top on this charming desk from Anthropologie.

Play in my journal.  I thought it had an Asian flare.

I made a few bracelets from my antique button collection.

Layout of journals made in Orly's workshop.   We all did the same
exercises but look at the different interpretations.

A compilation of photos taken by Scott Schuman in New York.   Oh, how
I would love to follow him around the city.

A few sketches 

from my practice exercises in the book Creative License by Danny Gregory.
He suggests that there are no bad drawings.  I don't know about that but I do
agree that something can be learned from each drawing.  Danny asks
that we draw with a pen, no pencil, no erasing.  Ok.  I have 
done this.  It's not as terrifying as I thought.  I am making 
progress just by the fact that I am showing you these.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Holiday Season is Here

collaged journal page

incessant clamor

the answer to inner peace. . .

still the busy mind

Enjoy your day with a cup of tea and reading other haikus 

linked to rebecca brooks and her haiku circle