Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Crushes

new little journal

feels good in my hands

window art for the eyes of passers-by

ocean mural in riviera village, redondo beach

and some shaky drawing a la danny gregory 

years ago i knitted several christmas sweaters.  they have been in my closet 

unworn for longer than i can remember.  this year i heard them called 

ugly holiday sweaters so i thought i would wear them for 2012.  

i got a personal chuckle out of having it on.  

but it brought back warm memories of holidays spent with young

children, hand made gifts for teachers, concerts at school during a chilly evening 

with little fingers playing the viola and  hot chocolate

with melted marshmallows  afterwards 

hmm.... i started with current crushes and have ended here with a wistful memory

wishing you a lovely day 

with fond memories 

reaching out 

to touch you


  1. I'm so happy that you love your new journal!!! I love what you did with it in and out of class! Fun! Fun! Fun!!

    Thanks for sharing!!! :) Your sweater is not an ugly holiday sweater! It's very cute! :)

  2. I love your Christmas sweater...and thanks for sharing...I love your blog also.

  3. I love the new journal, Irene. The sweater is cool, too.

  4. Great post Irene, happy holidays. I am gonna start, a living planner, hope i really use it.

  5. So beautiful, your new journal and YOU!