Friday, April 28, 2017

structured and unstructured...

a walk through a regular day.

the first thing i do in the morning is walk into

my studio.  i see the sun rise each day from there.

after a little creating, i walk along the coast or take a yoga class.

on this day there was a sea lion beached.  i am afraid he might 

have been ill to stay so close to people

this week after submitting art to several art venues,

 i have been mark making, journaling and 

generally playing.

these are two finished altered books. 

today i am going to sketch with a sketch club at a local museum and then to

the hammer museum again for a birthday lunch and to revisit the

dubuffet exhibit that i talked about here.  in the past weeks i have visited

several exciting exhibits.  i will be posting pictures

during the week.  check back  or subscribe to the blog

if you're interested.

i am asked regularly if i do art everyday?  

yes, i do.  i have come to realize that i am 

pretty disciplined.  after spending much of my life

rebelling against a structured family, i went in the opposite

direction.  i have come full circle.  to may surprise, i find much comfort in 

structure and have found a way not to make it the 

straightjacket type with no wiggle room.  twyla thrarp's book

the creative habit with helpful in finding my way.

how about you?  structured? unstructured?  disciplined? undisciplined?

current working journals

a lovely spring weekend to all and 

happy paint party friday

Friday, April 7, 2017

i have a new journal.  it's black!  this is the first entry.

i was a little scared of it.  but started with stencils.

then stopped for a long time. i drew in a scene

of the ocean and painted it.  then, painted over it.

now i love my journal and can't wait to play more in it. 

a tiny collaged face.  it fits in my palm. 

happy friday!

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