Friday, February 1, 2019

welcome february!

the ai weiwei exhibit at the 

was beyond my expectations.  the founders of the

foundation, brothers and owners of guess jeans 

have converted an iconic los angeles building to offer

rotating contemporary art at no fee to the guests.  these photos 

do not do the art justice but I thought it worthwhile 

to give those of you who cannot experience the in person

extravaganza a peek.  the sculptures are created from thin

bamboo, intricately designed, some wrapped in silk.  an astonishing 
part of the  exhibit are the shadows cast from the sculptures.  at first glance

I thought they were drawings on the wall but soon realized that

it was cast shadows.  the last image of stools shows this well.

also at the marciano foundation is a room created

by yayoi kusama.  standing among her red polka dots 

after recently seeing infinity a documentary of her life

was thrilling.

here, for a little contrast from the magnificentart, 

are humble potato stamps I made.

I admire caren ginsberg's portraits and was fortunate

enough to attend her workshop.

these are my works in progress

and have been participating in a 15 minute a day art journal

challenge which I post on instagram.  this is made from 

handmade stencils and collage.

thank you for visiting and if you have been here before,

I appreciate your return visit.  have a lovely weekend

and month.  I will be out of town and am not sure that 

I will be able to post.  

 sunset, palos verdes, california, home

posting today with paint party friday and friends!

To my PPF friends, I want to mention that I have been posting 
comments  on various blogs but when I press publish, the comment 
disappears on the google sites even though I have signed in.
I don't want to seem rude by not returning your visit to you blogs 
after you have taken the time to visit and comment here.  hopefully,
I will resolve this soon.  Thank you for understanding. 


  1. Impressive art of the exhibition.
    Love your gorgeous art you show this time.
    Happy PPF and start of February 💜

  2. wow- so much to take in that exhibit, and so cool looking! I can see how much you are enjoying your class - the portrait art you are showing is wonderful. Fun potato stamping, and a great looking collage. Happy PPF, and safe travels wherever you're going.

  3. Lovely art and thanks for sharing the exhibition

  4. What a fabulous share, I can understand completely how the photographs do no show the quality and craftsmanship of those exhibition pieces. Magnificent!!
    Happy PPF Tracey

  5. How extraordinary! Thank you for sharing. You are also a wonderful artist. LOVE your work.

  6. What a wonderful exhibit,thank you for sharing, Irene.
    Have a terrific trip!

    1. Thanks so much Jacki! I look forward to seeing you when I return!

  7. Great shots frpm the exhibition. And your pieces are fabulous. Thanks for sharing Irene. Happy you dropped by my blog


  8. Wow! Incredible pieces of work! Thanks for sharing and happy PPF!

  9. A very inspiring blog post! That portrait class looks terrific.

  10. What a wonderful post! Filled with artistic treasure and beautiful offerings to the eye. I especially loved seeing your works in progress. Your artwork reminds me of that of the old masters. You are an incredibly talented artist!

  11. Wow, thanks for showing the art exhibition, how interesting! Your works in progress are looking great, nice style!