Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lost and Found

today i cleared off my studio table of brushes, paper, collage pieces, 
water, everything to strip it down to the wood and cover it with a
slick white yupo like paper that wipes clean with a damp cloth.

 i like the clarity and space of a nice white surface.  i can bring 
supplies i need just for the current project.  there is a difference between having
all the supplies on the table within arms length and bringing to the table what i need.  
there is a deliberateness yet a freedom at the same time. 

it's the difference between going to a salad bar and choosing what is offered or
going to a restaurant and choosing your favorite dish from the menu.  a subtle
yet important difference.  not a right or wrong but a matter of choice.

today i found freedom in being lost in the paint and then finding my way back

i was moved by this video i saw on priti lisa's blog 
and want to share it with you


  1. I wish I was this organised Irene! Long Sighhhhhhhh :)

  2. Lovely post Irene - I loved your metaphor about the salad bar + menu choice + I totally get that. I love both the handiness of having may art supplies with in reach + cleaning off the desk to nothing but a piece of paper.

    I love what you created too.
    Kirstin x

  3. the path and the journey, so lovely to read and the page bright and hopeful.

    I've played a bit with yupo, fun stuff!


  4. I love these pieces, Irene. They are so free! Good show!

  5. Hi, Irene, your art works are just so delightful! Love the beautiful colors. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  6. I love the freedom of having a studio where I can just walk away and leave the mess...but I know what you mean...sometimes we need to clean everything up and start fresh, with new choices and new spaces, not all the clutter that can thwart our creativity. What fun you had...very beautiful!

  7. A clean sweep is often needed. Enjoyed this, and great pics.

  8. It's as constant as the tide in my studio...flowing from mess to organization and back again. Love your colorful art♥♥

  9. like the collage colours of this

  10. I think it's great to have things organized in a way that suits you. It can be freeing indeed! Your piece is full of energy and I very much like it.