Saturday, April 20, 2013

Three Women and Other Art

i am working on this painting on unstretched canvas.  i made a mistake.

i let another artist add some paint to it.  now it has changed so much

that i don't recognize it.   i need to put it aside for a few days. 

 i will come back to it  with fresh eyes soon.

lesson learned

i did have a good mail day.  

i received this from John with a charming 

story that accompanies it.

john tells the best stories

in misty mawn's face to face workshop we had a postcard exchange.

i received this beautiful postcard from Palma Rea in Rome,

Denise Livingston in Colorado

Annie Hamman in South Africa

i haven't posted the previous cards but think they are

a fun collection and will do so in a future post

have a lovely weekend

today i am linking with paint party friday


  1. Lovely art work ~ great friends you have ~ enjoy ^_^

  2. I like your art and your blog. Artists all have different visions. Hope you bring this to a point you like.

  3. I love those little asian looking dolls! These are fantastic! What fun!!

  4. Lovely postcards! I love recieving exciting mail, I did a postcard swap a few months ago and loved it. I do very much like your three women painting, however you are right that it is often best to leave something a couple of days and go back to it with fresh eyes, I'm doing that on my last piece which you kindly commented on as I am not sure the tones work well. I leave paintings by the kitchen door so every time I walk past I look at it and think. :)

  5. Having seen the progress of your three faces piece and knowing some of the drama behind what happened, I am in awe of how you have brought back the original feel.

  6. Lovely post cards. Your painting looks lovely I hope you can fix it to liking... interesting that you let another paint on your work....

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I agree it can be dangerous to let anyone else near your work! Can only suggest you gesso out all traces and when that's dry integrate the patch back into your own ideas! Good luck.

  8. I really like the first painting in progress, especially the collaged bits, which give the piece a magical feel. Hope you get to it in a good way with the thing that disturbs you about it.

    Wonderful mail art you got!

    Happy PPF

  9. lovely talent- you and your friends!

  10. like all the different style of painting here happy ppf

  11. Love the first painting very much.
    I guess mistakes are part of the learning process, mistakes almost always are fixable but honestly I don't see what's wrong with this painting ; I think it's just lovely : )
    Thanks for sharing your friend's art with us as well.