Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spending A Lot of Time Here

in my studio painting postcards

starting with a piece of paper used to blot paint from another painting

divided into 4 x 6 inch sections and faces started,

as  personalities are uncovered 

then cut 

and ready to send

these little pieces are addicting.  I love painting and sending them off.

a little bit of paradise linked today with  rebecca postcards from paradise


  1. Lucky, lucky people who receive your postcards! They are so lovely. You are so talented and what a lovely setting you have to do your work!

  2. imagine my delight to open up a envelope of love and find myself welcomed by one of your beauties!
    she is propped up on my computer screen radiating love from your heart to mine.
    thank you for being so kind and generous, an inspiration in every way.

  3. I love doing that sort of thing too BUT find that my composing eye is arranging the whole page. So, like the gestalt principle, the whole page is nice and the individual pieces lose something when I chop it up. Did you manage to avoid this? Nice background.

  4. I love your studio space, Irene. Come visit and help me figure out what to do for a better set up here. You are doing great things with portraits. I love to watch your progress and growth.

  5. These are lovely, Irene. I especially like the lower right.