Thursday, May 23, 2013

Creating Images

i apologize for not posting in a while due to tech issues.  i am still having 
problems with my photo program but i managed to get this photo.  
hopefully this will be resolved soon.  it only stopped the creative juices 
for a short time while i fretted

i have been learning  something new...a friend invited me to work on her printing press.

  it has been oh so much fun. i am not sure that i can full describe the process so it's clear 

but i will try.   first, an image is painted on a plexiglass sheet.  when the image is completed

 paper is soaked in water, blotted to a damp dry and set on top of the painted plexiglass.  

this is run under a large metal drum.  after the piece is rolled, the paper lifted

there is a surprise on the other end.  sometimes it works, sometimes

not in the intended way.  This image that i am showing is from a magazine photo of lady gaga.

i painted her using only black printers paint.  i thought i'd start simple with one color.  

after it was  printed i took a photo.   i made a copy of the photo

 on tissue paper to collage on a  painted and collaged cradle board.  

it sounds way more complicated than it actually is.  i will take photos to show.  

i want am excited to incorporate more of the printing into my painting and collages.

thank your for visiting 

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  1. Stunning mixed media result, Irene.

  2. This is an amazing Technique Irene. I think I need to re-read and experiment a little. I just love how you have changed the image so much. I love using an image as a starting point and then changing it. You have done this so beautifully!

  3. Beautiful, Irene.
    I love hearing about this process!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  4. Beautiful mono print work. Happy PPF.

  5. great results. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. beautiful collage! Happy PPF!

  7. Lovely! The technique sound fascinating, I love that sense of surprise when the final result is random.

  8. Just lovely Irene, as always.
    Your work has such elegance and beauty.

  9. Oh, la, la! I love your piece! It seems so Greek or Roman. Lovely!

  10. interesting technique and beautiful mixed media piece!Happy PPF!

  11. Sounds complicated, but the results are super.

  12. That is a wonderful piece - would love to see the photos of the process

  13. This is simply beautiful Irene. Sorry about the tech trouble.
    Have a nice weekend

  14. what a fabulous piece of work... and I love using printing presses... so many possibilities with them... xx

  15. Love your collage and technique. She is magical! HPPF Erika

  16. Great way to create a soft monoprint. Fabulous. xox

  17. Beautiful. If you are having technical problems because of picasa check out loading to photobucket and then posting to your blog.

    Hugs Giggles

  18. Sounds like a very exciting technique you are learning. You have produced some lovely work:)

  19. So exciting - and beautifully done!

  20. Very nice Irene. Great job.:)

  21. Preciosa esa cara morena. Saludos

  22. Love this piece! The whole unpredictability of printmaking is kind of addictive, isn't it? I don't think it would be nearly so much fun if every single time resulted in perfection--

    Happy PPF!

  23. What a cool mixed media piece! Love the technique and final layout. Thank you for sharing and happy PPF!