Sunday, June 2, 2013

Stepping Out

saturday morning, packed with my little green art traveling bag, 
painted postcards and a few caran d'ache crayons found me 

here at a seaside coffee shop adding 
finishing touches to the cards getting 
them ready to send out

i couldn't resist giving her a necklace
 before mailing.  every gal needs 
her jewels.

tomorrow i will have an exciting announcement
stop back then!

sending hugs for a happy sunday

today i am linking with rebecca at postcards from paradise


  1. beautiful. elegant, and you!
    I'll be back tomorrow.

  2. How lucky you are to head out to coffee shops to journal and do other art. As I told you in an email I tried it Saturday and can't believe how much fun it is.
    Love this post!

  3. I just love her necklace, very bohemian! Great colours Irene!

  4. What a great idea draping her with a necklace. Makes all the difference in the world.