Saturday, January 28, 2017

a teabag lady of the week 

i gathered together all of my journals from various

corners of the house.  i thought this was it, 89, but 

found even more afterwards.  what am i doing with them?

for now, i have stored them by years, some are on display,

and  try using copies in my art.  i am curious what you do with your

completed journals.  do you read them?  do you display them?

do you share them in any way?

i am also trying to keep a daily drawing practice.  

when i use pencil i get too persnickety and that

is not my point.  it is just practice.   

thank you for visiting today.  i appreciate your comments.

leave your address and i will visit you!

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  1. I love how the red on the right and the red in her turban flow together. Is this turban like the one you had on our beach art retreat?

  2. Your lady is lovely! Maybe a bit of a 20's look?
    Overall, the look of an old master's masterpiece.

    Like you, I have a bunch of journals.
    I don't count the small ones, I don't know why?
    And now that I said that, it seems silly?
    You've stirred my grey matter, I think I need to revisit! ♥

  3. Oh my Irene your teabag lady is absolutely gorgeous!!! So many journals wow. I could sit in a corner and happily go through them all one by one:) I keep mine on a shelf in my art room and do look through them from time to time. If anyone asks to see any I share them. Happy weekend!

  4. 89 journals!? My goodness. I thought I had many (I have about 20 ;-) ) Love the bright red on your teabag-lady, and your daily drawing.

  5. Hello Irene, so many journals - that's an incredible number over the years. Well done.
    I love your teabag girls (and bunnies) - this one is gorgeous and sassy!

  6. Wow Irene that is very impressive. It shows how talented you are and how long you have worked at your talent. I love your tea bag babes. LOL

  7. Your teabag lady painting is gorgeous Irene...what a beauty. Gives new meaning to the phrase "BAG Lady!"
    All of those wonderful and beautiful fantastic!!!
    Someday I hope to make just one :)
    You aren't afraid to pick-up a pencil and it!!!
    That, too, is something I want to try.
    Thank you for all of this inspiration...I need it :D

  8. Elegant teabag lady! I love your drawing too. Not sure what to do with journals. I have a few myself.

  9. Another beautiful lady ~ so creative and colorful too ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful Week ~ ^_^

    ps. just have a stack of journals ~ Going to weed through them and trash ~ not sure what to do

  10. I love the teabag lady of the week. It is amazing you can get so much detail in something that small. Beautiful.