Tuesday, May 6, 2014

more often than not, i have a cup of coffee at 

the local ranch market with nuna and nursus, the armenian 

couple who have run the market for many years.  before them the

moore family owned the store.  ranch market was a family run grocery store then.

it is situated in a a little corner of  malaga cove where a replica fountain 

from bologna sits in the middle of the parking lot surrounded by a two story, 

L-shapaed old brick building with a series of arches.  i sat at my usual seat

wondering what i could draw.   i drew what was in front of me.  

and here, in contrast,  is a little collage.




  1. Love the drawing - so nicely placed. Sounds a fun place to visit.

  2. I enjoyed reading your little story about where you have coffee, and the sketch. You are so good at including lots of detail to tell the story and the car is very good. That's a terrific collage, lovely balance in it and my eyes keep roving around it.

  3. Great sketching practice and very interesting and inspiring with colours and composition collage. Thank you for sharing your art, Irene!