Saturday, May 17, 2014

in my experimental group each person has an turn to present 

a project to the group.  this month  i led the group  through a round of ten prompts.  

the idea came after a six of my  journaling friends from various parts of the country 

met at my house to journal.   we decided that each of us would give a prompt, one at a time 

and we would all follow along in our journals.  it was so much fun that the 

group decided to continue over the internet after everyone returned home.

my piece using the ten prompts

in the end, in my experimental group, we all had the same prompts but 

each one of us created in our unique style.   you will see from scrolling down.  we all have our own

creative 'voice' no matter the sources of influences.  i found it  the  same true when i was writing.

here are a few of the works in process.

we will continue to work on these pieces next month.

i will show you the results in june.  

i also want to spotlight the plain air art by my husband, bob.

he loves the outdoors and  nature.  you can sense it in his paintings. 

each of his pieces speak to you from a familiar yet distant yearning within.  

today i am sharing this post (late) with friends at paint party friday.   click and you 
will discover many dedicated artists who post their artwork weekly.


  1. Your mixed media art is always so eye-catching! Love the combinations of color and lines. Very inspiring! Thank you for your kind words and happy PPF!

  2. What gorgeous them all each wonderfully unique!! Also love Bobs take on the outdoors...and his placement of light...very pretty work!! The sharing of prompts is a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pieces of eye candy!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I wish I could have been there but at least I am part of the group doing it online. So much fun! :-)

  4. OOOhhh so much fun. I love love love your abstract girl. I use to do something similar when I taught beading. I would put out bowls of bead and the students could only use those beads. Each person would create something so different. It is a great exercise. Bob did a fantastic piece of art as well.
    Happy Sunday to you

  5. What fabulous pieces filled with so much energy! i especially love yours Irene... what a great idea. Bob's painting is gorgeous - such beautiful light... thank you for sharing! xx

  6. Wonderful post and I love Bob's painting.