Wednesday, May 28, 2014

while i waited for a new printer from amazon

the local copy shop was a temporary work table.

i used copies of faces i have drawn to  collage on to

backgrounds to make  a series of postcards.  

here is one of them.

i have been working on this canvas for a while.  i thought it was done then

realized  there is more.  i am slowly pulling the color and images out.  listening 

for the next step.  trying not to let my impatience get the best of me.   


today i caught myself in that familiar loop.... i will do art in my studio

after i get a little exercise, after i buy groceries, after i post on 

my blog and so it goes.   the loop stops here.  i am leaving 

to spend the day in my studio.  

thank you for visiting. i love reading your comments. my son  

was here this past week and i drop everything when that happens.

 so i am behind on blog visits.  my apologies,  for being late 

to respond but i will be there soon.

sharing with what's on your work desk wednesday.  
click the link to see what others are working on?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Irene, I am just now get back to visiting. We are not on the toad anymore and I'm slowly feeling life come back to its old rhythm with a few new habits attached to it.

    Just yo let you know, also, I'm post exclusive tbese days at eventually, the others will be printed and then be removed from my dashboard. It's all about getting simple.