Friday, April 25, 2014

i discovered that i never posted 

this  sampling of faces 

created for daily challenges.

i used paint, collage, encaustic, pencil, pastel, ink

and any combination of the above

i am in sketchbook skool, trying to come with 

beginner's mind and to leave the critic behind.

i did these one minute pen sketches.  

it was suggested in the klass 

that i add a bit of ink to a water pen so i am 

not overwhelmed with color choices.

these are the results.  i like it.

just a note that 

there is one more spot to receive 

a piece of art by me 

by paying it forward  here.  

photo courtesy of the internet, photographer unknown

just thought i'd show you some of the sights i see.

this is a sky view of palos verdes where i live.

it is a community about 9 miles south of the los angeles airport.

these  photos were taken on a recent walk.

volunteer whale watchers counting the whales passing by

so fortunate to have san vicente lighthouse in the neighborhood.

i love lighthouses!

as always, i am posting along with friends at 
paint party friday.  please click on the site to 
see more art work done this week.


  1. Thank you for sharing your photos and sketch work Irene. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. I love all your faces. The one that is done in something that looks like wax is my favorite. Wow Palos Verdes is a charming place full of natural beauty. Happy PPF

  3. Love all your faces, what a variety. The one minute sketches sind great. Nice photos, too! Valerie

  4. You live in a very nice place. Kind of like where I live on the ocean in OR. Not as much sun here though LOL I love love love your faces. The first group just took my breath then as I saw the others OK so I am out of breath now LOL Beautiful all of them.
    Have a nice weekend. We are going up coast for my birthday.

  5. Love your sketches and am glad to hear you're trying to get to beginners mind. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, too.

  6. oh what a beautiful place to live Irene!! Your faces are so varied-I love the "fun' in the first two at the top. And your 1 min. sketches-fab! I couldn't do that in an hour -lol:)

  7. Irene I am finally getting the chance to catch up on some blogs and love how productive you have been... those sketchy faces with watercolour are exquisite... I am no closer to finishing your pay it forward piece but am hoping to get to it in the next few weeks... thanks for being so patient...t xx

  8. Great photos of where you live, lucky you! Your faces are all very interesting. Each has it's own personality. Great job!

  9. I absolutely love the range of faces that you do. The pink and brown girl who appears to have bunny ears on her head just makes me swoon!

  10. I love lighthouses too - we have some splendid ones around the UK tho' sadly there is rarely a man up at the top nowadays. Some great graphic images in your selection of faces. I like the line.

  11. I love your more abstract faces Irene, I do admire your ability too experiment with both abstract and representative portraiture with such skill. What a wonderful place to live, It looks beautiful!

  12. Love the wonderful variety of faces. All so different yet all interesting. You seem to live in a beautiful part of the world. I love lighthouses too. None around where I live though ....

  13. Wow Irene what a phenomenal variety of faces...I love them all! Love the color and whimsy here too! Great photos and thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. I love that you did a male portrait. I have not seen many of those. It is great that you are experimenting. It makes you stronger and stronger in your approaches.

  15. I love all the faces, Irene. I guess you mean that these were for the 29 faces challenge and never made it to the posting stage. All of them are just terrific. Also, I love the photos. What a beautiful part of the country.

  16. Such diversity of faces and techniques! I really like the man, there is something about his expression that interests me! That Skool seems so interesting, too bad the class if full for April, and one has to wait until July!

    Thanks for sharing your journey.


  17. I love your faces. I also want to say thank you for the tip on using a little ink in the waterpen. Enjoy your sunday.

  18. OMGosh you have done so much with so little time. Thanks for talking about the art supplies you used. You have made your art so different and unique. Blessings, Janet PPF

  19. What wonderful faces and photographs! The faces have such variety and energy.