Tuesday, April 1, 2014

yesterday, a peek into my studio.  

today, a peek into my process.

i don't recognize myself...

what happened?  abstract?  really?

after i took an abstract class a year ago

i resolved that i could not do it.

and i was perfectly comfortable with this conclusion.

but as i cleaned out my studio, i found this piece

and thought, hmm, maybe not as bad as i initially thought.

it has been fun to  add more layers of paint and experiment.  

the large piece on the bottom is a 3 x 5 canvas given to me,

another experiment~~painting large. i gessoed 

over the splattered paint to ready it for the next stage.

here are a few national geographic pages.

 inspirations  for shape and color.

because you never know what will lodge 

in your creative spirit and come through 

in a painting.

and a close up of the abstract.(i'm still scratching my head).

it is fun to step out of oneself  and to also realize 

that first impressions are not always right.

it could be that the super critic in the head talking.

yesterday i told my friend who was discouraged about her art

 to never, ever give up on herself.

i should listen to my own advise.

and anoter start using left over paints. 

to be continued, i'm sure.  

how have you stepped out of yourself lately?


  1. From the looks of that piece, I would say you have a knack for abstract!

  2. I am totally glad you decided to give it another attempt. I love what you have done. Your inspiration is great, too. I am curious as to where these pieces are...garage studio?

    1. This was done at a studio in a local studio yesterday.