Monday, March 31, 2014

have i told you before that i love my studio? 

today, a peek into where i spend so much time.

this is what i see first thing in the morning.  and i do mean first thing.  

there was a little light when i took these photos today.   it is cozy 

to be surrounded by all of my  favorite things.

this is about as clear as my table top ever is. sometimes i think  that having it totally clear 

will allow me to to larger pieces on my table but  i work around that for now. 

there are two drawers on the table.

looking into my left drawer 

and the right drawer.  my supplies are arranged to compliment 

my layered work flow.   it took me a while to get to this.

 i had this table made when i did a lot of knits to be used for a steaming table.  

it is standing height. that's another thing i might change in the future... lowering the table.

the little closets

on my easel right now

my little cart.  it is so handy right next to the table.

i always love see artist brushes splayed from their container.

these are the drawers to the left of the table.

you can't see them in the photo.

watercolors, gouache, stamps, hand painted papers and images for collage

oil pastels, more collage papers.  And one more drawer that i throw all papers

in for potential future use.  As a mixed media artist, everything has potential.

i took these pics today because i spent a few days organizing.  

it won't  stay like this for long.  i like the unfolding that happens both in discovering 

what is being created and bringing out the supplies that help a painting come into being.    

then when the piece is completed, putting thing back feels like the completion of the process.  


  1. What a beautiful work space and so organized!!

  2. It is truly a wonderful space. I have been in it and, yes, it is so enviable! Great photos of your studio, Irene.

  3. you are so well organized! I want to come make a mess of it with you! haha, my studio always ends up in a big piled heap .

  4. Green with envy here - my work space is a home-built plan-chest and assorted piles of IKEA plastic boxes and computer trolley on wheels. But, however much space I had, I would manage to create chaos in half a day. (I wouldn't lower the table height - you can easily add a lower working surface but it's harder to create one to stand at. Just my opinion!)

  5. I love love love your studio too Irene, can I move in pleeeeeeese ;D
    You have everything so organised and just like I would love me studio to be.
    I'll aspire to have a studio like yours one day.
    Thank you for letting me take a peek
    Have a wonderful week in your special place :D

  6. Thanks for your comments. I would love it if all of you were here with me creating art!

  7. What a great space you have...thank you for taking the time to share it! I need to create a flow in my work space. I've only had the room for just over a year and I just don't know quite how to set it up . Your studio is lovely!