Wednesday, March 5, 2014

collage surprise

in my experimental group meeting we brought collage papers, 

a half sheet of watercolor paper for a  substrate, and adhesive.   we were instructed

to collage every bit of the paper paper without a plan.  when it was dry

we turned it over and cut it up in  pieces so the results were a surprise.  

this is  one of the results.

i mailed it off as a post card.

i went to an exhibit that was highly recommended.

below is is a mixed media piece done by 

carlson hatton.  his pieces are stunning,

thought provoking, in the way he uses image, pattern

 and color.  this photo hardly does it justice.

today i either have bad allergies or the start of a cold and have 

been sleeping for most of the day so i am writing a short post and

no face.  

hugs to all


  1. Sorry you are not feeling well. Get well please! I love what you did with the collage. Fun surprise! Hugs to you.