Wednesday, March 26, 2014

i am participating in my first 

round robin

cover with metallic swirls

with five other artists.  we each start with 

a dos-a-dos style journal that folds open 

with six sections.  each section has a spread

and an internal shorter spread within.

we have a month to paint one section and mail it to the 

next participant.  

stand where you are

the first decision was whether or not to have

the inner section 'match.'  i most frequently 

do not start with a theme.  i first added an under layer of

masking tape covering the stitch holes to prevent 

paint seepage.   Then selected a palate.

is your paradise the same as mine

as the process continued,  words followed.  

your heart is the source that will never let you down

i will have mixed feelings when i

mail it off today.  i've put some of myself into this journal and

grown attached yet i am excited at the anticipation 

its return with the shadings of the other five

wonderful artists.   the thought that other friends

will add their creativity is a gift that i am grateful for.

i think i am a lucky gal.


  1. The cover is beautiful, and it is a very interesting form of book with the extra inserts. Your pages are lovely, bright and full of interest.

  2. Oh how wonderful! I can't wait to hold it in a few months. Beautiful!

  3. A beautiful start and sounds very exciting.

  4. That pink and green combination is gorgeous.